Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Handmade camera gift box with tutorial by Emma Trout

Welcome in dear blog visitors.

DT member Emma Trout made a amazing camera gift box for the last Prima blog hop feature.
Today we will share a great tutorial by Emma on how to make this fun gift box!
Please enjoy Emma's share and instructions!

Camera Gift Box by Emma Trout
Watch The Birdie' is a gift box that could also be used as home decor, with a space for a photograph too. I was inspired by Ingvild's fabulous Junkyard Findings metals to make a gift box in the form of a camera. The phrase "watch the birdie" is an old photographer's saying and inspired the use of birds and wing resin in to the design.

The back of the box opens out like a film camera revealing ample space to add a few gifts.

Once I started making this box it came together really quickly, in fact quicker then a layout! I only used one sheet of a card and two sheets (ans scrap) of Prima patterned paper.

Here's is how I made it:

Step 1:
Copy the template onto stiff card and cut out. Fold into a box then lay flat again.

Step 2:
Cover the bottom two-thirds with Cartographer collection - Faire Un Voyage, and refold the box.

Step 3:
Cover the top third on the box with the reverse of the same box.

Step 4.
Distress the edges with a Ingvild Bolme - Comfort-Craft Distressing Tool

Step 5:
Add patterned paper roses to the right of the front, then start to build the "camera". Add a Door Sign to emulate the viewfinder.
Glue a resin frame on to a rectangle of card and adhere to the centre as the "lens base".

Step 6:
Use a large metal Heart Gear as the lens base.

Step 7:
Onto the gear glue a Faucet Wheel. On top of the Faucet Wheel, add a Industrial Wall Lamp (circle one) with the glass.

Step 8:
Glue the Shabby Chic Treasures resin "Wings" onto the Industrial Wall Lamp. Then a ship window from "Ship Parts". Under the ship window you can add a glass pebble to complete the lens.

Step 9:

Finish the front to suit your taste.
Some products used here; Special Screws, Jeans Plates, Pipe Lines, Screw Heads, resin sparrow "Fly Away" and more.

Step 10:
The top of the box was decorated with patterned paper. I added a light switch from "Switched and Outlets" (to resemble the flash gun holder), a layered Heart Gear and Faucet Wheel and two Ceiling Light Bulbs (glued together).

Step 11:

On the left side of the box I added a outlet from "Switched and Outlets" (resembling the USB points on a camera) and patterned paper designs.

Step 12:
To the right I added a tassel from "Steampunk Tassels" as a camera strop. 

Step 13:
To the back I cut patterned paper designs. I layered a light switch from "Switched and Outlets" and a metal Heart Gear (resembling the DSLR arrow/ok button) and a resin frame to emulate a DSLR screen. There is space to add photo here.

And that's it! Your gift box is finished. I hope you love yours as much as I like mine.

- Em

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cards by Evgenia and Stephanie

Good Friday everyone.
Today we are going to share two wonderful cards by DT member Stephanie Schütze and Evgenia Petzer.
Hope you will enjoy our share.

Card by Stephanie Schütze
Above: Stephanie made a great card with a fun design by creating a look where the "Rusty Typo Zipper" pulls down the paper and lots of embellish just pops out from there. She used metals from Junkyard Findings as the "Clock Hands", "Clock Faces" and "Clock Gears".

Below: Details on the card.
Clock Gears used on this card.

"Just You and Me" card by Evgenia Petzer
Above: Evgenia made a shabby chic card with a resin mask and "Small Typo Bulbs" as some fun details with a little bit contrast to the soft and sweet design. She also included the small "Clock Gears" as Stephanie used on her card. These are so small that they fit perfectly on all kinds of projects, even on small cards and tags etc.

Below: Details on the card.

Please make sure to visit Evgenia's blog here and Stephanie's blog here for more inspiration.

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Wish you a wonderful and creative weekend everyone!