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Cupcake Cards - step by step!

Cupcake Cards, step by step.

Anyone that would like to create these cupcake cards, but dosn't know how?

Well, first of all, these beautiful cupcakes isn't my idea at all, so I will not take any honor for that. I had seen some of them online before, and fell totally in love with them and wanted to try them out. I didn't have any tutorial in front of me, so I did my best to find a way to create them. Like this I maybe did some personal touches on them, but again, the idea isn't mine at all ;-) Thank's to a sweet reader (thank you Dolly!) I got a e-mail with a tip to a online tutorial that you can see here. After what I understand, the idea is from the very talanted Linda Albracht, so I think she's the one that shall have all the honor! ;-) Thank you Linda!!!

Anyway, since I did some personal touches and a little bit difference in the way I created it, I wanted to show you all how I made it, in case it could be for any help. So, here is my "step-by-step" ;-) Please remember to click on the images for larger views.

Step 1; First you need a polystyrene ball, here I used one that is approx. 2,5 inch wide (ca 6-7 cm). Cut the ball in the middle so you get two pieces. Then use a little tag that can fit inside the ball (if you have a tag that is too large, you can shape it to fit), and hold it over one of the parts. Add 3D glue pads on both side of the tag (not too close), so it easily can slide between. Then glue the two parts together with the glue pads.
Step 2; Take a small ball that you can cut in (I used some made out of paper that I bought in a hobby store, approx. 0,6-0,7 inch each/1,5 cm). Make a cut in the ball with a craft knife/sharp knife that is approx 1/3rd-1/2 as deep as the ball in it self.
Step 3: Cut the tag as shown on the picture, and add glue on both sites of the small part that is left of the top.
Step 4; Put the glued little part of the tag in the cut in the ball.

Step 5; Paint the little ball with red acrylic paint. Let dry.
Step 6; Paint red glitter glue over the red dried paint. I used Ranger Stickles "Xmas Red". Let dry.
Step 7; Cut pattern paper in two strips sized 4,5 cm (approx. 1,75 inch) x 30,4 cm (12 inches). Here I used Prima pattern paper, "Steel Toe" (#602178) for the baby girl, and "Pulse Collection" (#812362) for the baby boy. Then fold the whole strips like shown on the picture.
Step 8; Glue the two strips together in the ends so you get a paper cup.

Step 9; Cut a circle out af a piece of cardstock, aprrox. 6 cm/2,2-2,4 inches. Add glue to the edges of the circle and press on a lace (approx. 20cm/8 inch long) as shown on the picture to make a paper doilie.
Step 10; Add a new layer of glue over the edge of lace and cardstock, and place over the paper cup as shown on the picture. Press it down and shape it a little bit with your fingers before the glue dry.
Step 11; Add glue inside of the cup where shown on the picture.
Step 12; Quickly add the big polystyrene ball in to (not to deep, let approx. the half of the ball show above the paper edge) the paper cup before the glue dries. A.Make sure that the opening for the tag point in the right direction. B. Press the paper cup against the ball and shape it like you would like it with your fingers before the glue dries.

Step 13; Then find a soft type of textile, and cut up a strip that is 12 inch long and approx. 1 inch wide. I used a kind of white velvet. Then glue it on to the edge of papercup and polystyrene ball, "upside down", like shown on the picture. The textile strip you need to hold with the inside out, and glue the lowest edge on first.
Step 14; Then distort the textile strip so the right side of the textile is turning out again, and then glue the upper edge of it. Please do not glue it on too tight, this textile strip are suppose to look like a layer of cream and are suppose to look "fluffy". ;-) Use much textile on, it's better with too much then too little.
Step 15; Now it should look something like this.
Step 16; Then take a needle with thread trough a ribbon of your choice like shown on the picture.

Step 17; Glue the stitched ribbon on to the edge of the textile/ball like shown on the picture. You can also put the tag in to the ball now, so you can hold an eye on where the glue shall go and where it shouldn't ;-)
Step 18; Now the cupcake should looke something like this.
Step 19; Then glue on some laces to make layers of "cream and glaze". Here I used a white Prima lace (lace B, #529451)
Step 20; And on the baby boy cupcake I choosed a brown lace from Prima (#523336) to create a layer of chocolate.

Step 21; Then I chose a pink Prima lace on the baby girl one, to create a layer of raspberry/strawberry glaze. Now the cupcake should look something like this.
Step 22; Then, cut up some small pieces of the white textile again (velvet) and glue on as shown on this picture. Start with the lower edge and then turn the textile piece up and glue the upper edge. And again, do not glue this on too tight, let it be loose to look like cream.
Step 23; Like on this picture, make sure the edges for tag-hole goes clear from glue and textile, but you can glue the textile very close to the edge.
Step 24; The edge of the tag-hole can look something like this.

Step 25; Pull the tag back and forward to check that it slide easily.
Step 26; Now your cupcakes should look something like this.
Step 27; Use acrylic paint for the top layer of glaze. Here I used paint from Making Memories that is very good to work with. It dosn't drip too much, and it dries quickly. Just add it easely on like shown on the picture, directly from the bottle.
Step 28; Then, quickly before the paint dries, drop the buttons into the paint to create the small sweets on the top. When the paint dries, the buttons will hold.
Step 29; Now you can add some ribbons to your tags, just tie a bow around the thin part of the tag under the "cherry". Now you can write your personal message on the tags and put them in your cupcake.

Step 30; Now, the end result should look something like this, with your personal touch! ;-) I hope you will have fun creating, and good luck!
Hope you liked this "step-by-step"and if you would like to see another one from me on vintage paper edges, please just click here.
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Thanks for the tutorial for your cupcakes...Totally didn't expect to see my name on your blog...thank you but totally wasn't necessary I was happy to try to help!
I'm seriously going to have to give this a try! Thanks again.

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Christine said...

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I just made one...can't wait for the text cause I kinda winged I made one for a centerpiece for a baby shower i am hosting....I would love to be able to share...maybe u could make it to where those or life what ur showing n such can share what they have done b/c while its not sectacular...I did some small changes I think its awesome! thanks for hte great ideas...keep them coming...I'm always watching...

Also I was curious have you chosen a winner to the RAK yet...I havent seen it posted...but i might of missed it...can't wait...!!!

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I love these guys. Cute idea.

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Beautiful creations and creative cards!! The tutorial is very clear!

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Thank you so much for the tutorial you made and the link to the other one. I used them to create a Halloween cupcake. It's more decorative than realistic looking, but I can't wait to make some realistic looking ones too!

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These cupcakes are so beautiful and so cute !! Great work !
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Thank you so very much for this tutorial! I finally made one along with my daughter recently, and this is how it turned out:

Cupcake Love

Thanks again for your inspiration!

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And your final results look so great and yummie!
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