Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Changes in my blog.

Hi everyone, and welcome to my "new" blog!
I have done some changes the last days, and there are still some changes left to do. But after almost a week with hard work, I'm almost there!

Please note;
- All old posts are temporarily gone. Hopefully I will manage to get some of them back one by one. In the mean time I just posted some of my recent Prima works in this post.
- My new gallery will be on the left side/column, please check back soon for updates!
- "Followers" is temporarily gone too because of some web adress changes, but hopefully this will be back very soon.
- There will still be some updates and new services in the columns very soon.

Please also note that my new blog adress will be within the 10th of April.

Hope you like the changes. (sorry about the gone posts...) ...and, oh yes, I almost forgot, please check back very soon for some exciting news! ;-)

prima easter tin

cha cupcakes

my sweet girl

your fav colors

Thank you for dropping by!


Ayelet {Jenny} said...

I almost had a heart attack, when I tried to press on the link to your blog from mine and an error page welcomed me! LOL
Love the new look and looking forward to see what are the exciting news!
Love the altered box and the LO`s are beautiful as always :-) x

Solblomst said...

Jeg er stadig innom her og titter. Tror neppe jeg kan komme opp på ditt nivå, men det er likevel gøy å hente litt inspirasjon. Synd det med bloggen din. Håper du får det fikset snart. Ønsker deg fortsatt en fin søndag.