Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tutorial on "natural" wings.

I love wings, and I love to make my own wings. But often I miss more dimensions in stamped designs. I also love when wings can look a bit "airy" and natural. So, yesterday I was so honored to play with some beautiful wing stamps from Layers of Colors, Beloved Wings art stamps, and they was so fun to play with! So I decided I would try to make my own dimensional and "airy" wings, and this is how the result looks like;

tag - little angel

Here are what I did to make them, step by step instructions;
1. Add some white Liquid Applique (Marvy) on a piece of plastic or paper.
2. Fasten your clear stamp wings on a acrylic block.
3. Add white Liquid Applique to the wings with your fingers. Make sure they are totally covered (not too thick).

4. Make sure both the wings are equally covered.
5. Take a piece of transparent and lay gently over the wings while they still are on the acrylic closs. Gently touch the transparent with a finger until you see the applique "grabs" the transparent and are totally covered over the wings.
6. Remove the transparent carefully.

7. It is recommended the Liquid Applique dry overnight before you heat it up, but it is not necessary. I did not do that for my wings.
8. Use a heating gun to heat up the Liquid Applique. Be careful and not use the heating gun too close to the transparent, because then it can curl too much. It will curl a bit anyway, but that only makes the wings more natural.
9. When all the Liquid Applique are white and "phuffed", you are finish heating. Do not heat longer then that.

10. Add ink to the wing stamps in a color of your desire. (One wing at the time on the acrylic closs.)
11. Place the wing stamp over the "phuffy" wing, DIRECTLY over the motive, so the design fit perfectly over each other. Then stamp carefully, not too hard, because that can press the Liquid Applique flat and you loose dimensions.
12. Do this with both of the wings, one at the time. Now they should both be phuffy with ink that shows the design and the edges.

13. Now you can cut out your wings and they are ready to be used on your designs!

Here is the tag I used them on;
tag - little angel

Good luck everyone! ;o)


Beatemor said...

WOW - utrolig lekkert! Tusen takk for tutorial! Dette skal definivt testes!

Lovely Linda said...

Hi Ingvild - what a fabulous tutorial - the Layers of Color Wngs are amongst my favourite images and you have added so much texture - they are 'Divine!' Thanks for the tutorial Ingvild - I love your work and have started playing along at The Color Room - you are so inspirational - thank you for sharing!
Linda LOC Design Team

Oxana said...

Tusen takk!!!!! Utrolig flotte vinger!

Lesley said...

Lovely wings - thank you for showing us how!!
Lesley x

Didelis\Gele said...

thanks a lot! and Prompt please, that the white mass "-the name and who is the manufacturer? I can not understand is the glue?

Ingvild Bolme said...

Hi Didelis, and thank you for your comment and for your question.

What you are asking for are mentioned first in step 1; "Add some white Liquid Applique (Marvy) on a piece of plastic or paper". Marvy is the manufactor, and the "white mass" is called Liquid Applique.

Hope this helped, and wish you a great day!

Sue said...

Thanks for a great tutorial, Ingvild. :)

Martine said...

oh wow!! those are simply GORGEOUS!! I would never have thought to use liquid applique with stamps! now I want to go pull out my stamps! thanks so much!! your work is amazing!

SusieJ said...

Thank you for a wonderful tutorial. Now to hunt down some liquid applique!
Sue xx

Heidi Kelley said...

This is SOOOO beautiful, thanks Ingvild!!

Carol Q said...


Laura - Layers of Color said...

Oo, I love what you've done here, Ingvild! What a unique technique! I'll add this tutorial to my list of tuts. Marvelous effect, so dreamy!

Thank you, Ingvild for sharing your talents and ideas with the world! We're so blessed by you!

Colorful hugs!

Synnøve said...

WOW, dette var kjempelekkert!!!
Er så søtt med vinger, dette må prøves en dag.
Takk for masser med inspirasjon.
Ha en flott kveld

Merian Candioli said...


Wendy Kwok said...

thanks for sharing this tutorial. love love the dimensions! NOw i got to go and buy that Liquid thingy!

Isabell - Taranita said...

så utrolig kult, disse ble jo knall flotte, super idè=)

xrysa said...

Well.. Ingvild.... I might have not so much time to recreate all of your creations... (which I really admire, and always want to do by myself too)... but this one is one of a kind!!! I'm gonna do it immediatelly... Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!

Melisa Waldorf said...

What an amazing technique!! I'm not sure I have the patience to try it, but just loved reading your tutorial and your project is just wonderful! TFS

Shawn Caro said...

Beautiful!--thank you for sharing your talents with us:)

Paper Boutique said...

Well I tried the tutorial and I think it worked it's your turn to be the judge, LOL Thanks for all the instructions they worked great and I ended up reusing a package material that was lying around!

Paper Boutique said...

ok sorry forgot the link 4 u to judge

pysselpetra said...

What a wonderful tutorial!!!'

MariLynn said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Marjolijn van Elsberg said...

They are so beautiful!!!