Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Amazing Dubai!

Hi all my dear blog visitors.

It's time to clean tons of dust in here and share with you all a bit of the  AMAZING trip I had to Dubai! This trip was more amazing then I can ever describe with words, and the beautiful impressions was so many that I'm never able to share them all with you in here, no matter how many blog posts I do... Anyway, here I will try to share at least a bit of the amazing weekend I had in Dubai.

I had never been in Dubai before, but I had heard a bit about the country and how beautiful it was supposed to be. But still I didnt know what to expect at all when I arrived.

My airplane arrived late Thursday night, so it was totally dark there when I arrived. I didnt even get of the plane before someone picked me up and gave me a huge bouquet with beautiful flowers and guided me trough the whole airport like I was a superstar! Yes, thats right.. they even opened some closed doors and gates just for me, I really was treated like a superstar, and my very first impression of Dubai was a bit unrealistic... - this simply couldnt be for real! And well, after this welcome, I expected the impressions to go down from here, but they never did...
Well out from the airport there was a luxery car waiting for me with a own driver, and he made sure I had a really great trip to the hotel with cold drinking water and lots of history about every buidling we drove by. And as I said, it was dark, so I didnt really get any good look at the hotel when we arrived, but it wasnt difficult to see that it was a GREAT hotel with many stars and with a really great service from the very first sec I arrived. And my hotel room,.. well.. 55 square meters with a huge bed, big bathroom and everything you can dream of in a hotel room!

The next morning when I woke up, I went over to the huge windows to take a look of the view... and, well, I had to grab a chair before I fainted.. There and then I decided "if there is a place on earth called heaven, this must be it!" Well, here is the view from my hotel window;

Amazing, right?! And right in front there you can see the BURJ AL ARAB, the worlds one and only 7 stars hotel!

And I lived in this amazing hotel, at ninth floor; ;o)

And here is another image of the hotel, you have to check it out to see how amazing this hotel is!

The architecture in Dubai must be the most amazing on this planet. Where ever you looked there was amazing buildings, and they still build these amazing buildings everywhere.

Here you can see the world highest building in the background, the Burj Khalifa, and it's 828 meters tall! Can you imagine that? Some of the world highest buidlings are like 3-400 meters tall, and this is 828 meters tall!!!

And here is the Burj Khalifa again.

And this great piece of architecture is the Dubai Metro.

And this great car with a own driver brought me around from place to place the whole weekend, and here they stopped at the roadside just so I could take some pics! Like I said, I really was treated like a superstar! ;o)
This is sweet Ruby and me at the old market, The Souk, in Dubai. Ruby is the sweetest person ever, she took care of me the whole weekend and was a "tourist" with me. She showed me around and made sure that I always felt comfortable and had the best time ever, there was never a chance to get hungry when Ruby was around ;o). Here we are in a nice little shop at the market, looking for some arab shoes as souvenirs.

The Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall. This was amazing! In the middle of a huge shopping mall there was this indoor aquarium. It was like a tunnel we could walk trough under the whole aquarium and see big sharks, rays and all kind of huge fishes swimming right above us over our heads!

Paper Lane is the store where I had my workshops. Paper Lane had just moved to a new shopping mall, and their store looked just amazing!

Their selection of scrapbooking products is incredible, and everything are so elegant and well organized in there, this store is a real pleasure! Actually, this is every scrappers dream, a beautiful store filled with scrapbook goodies, a place to go crazy on shopping! ;o)

And here are some images of my workshops. The workshops were held in the mall, and look at those beautiful tables!

A very sweet lady from Dubai having fun at the workshop.

Some other sweet ladies concentrated on their works and some techniques.

There were scrappers from all around the world at the workshops, and it was a big surprise to even meet a lady from my own hometown back in Norway! She live in Dubai for the moment, and it was so nice to meet her in my class.

Here I'm on the floor (in orange), walking around and teaching.

Here I am again, teaching techniques and helping some sweet students out with their works.

And here are some beautiful samples of works made in my classes;
By Rianna Nivera;

By Leslie Ravenswaay

By Tracy Belling;

And here I am with all the sweet ladies from Paper Lane!

When I'm doing a post like this that is so important for me and where I really want to share all my thoughts and experiences with you all in the best way as ever possible, I really wish my English was much better. But I do hope you dear blog readers do understand some of it and maybe did get a good impression from all the pictures. Because this really was an amazing weekend, and I really wish to share what I can of it with you all.

If you ever have a chance to go to Dubai, you must go! Never ever think twice, because I promise you this is a place you must see and to be in to understand how amazing it is. You will never regret to experience a place as beautiful as this, and all the people down there are so sweet and kind, I strongly recommand to visit Dubai with all my heart! I love everything about Dubai, maybe a bit hot ;o) but wow its beautiful there! All the food taste perfect, no matter what you try, but make sure to try out the Arabian food if you go there! And dont forget to bring you camera! ;o)

Thank you so much, with all my heart, to Mr and Mrs Khalid Bin Haider and family , who invited me to Dubai and gave me the most amazing weekend in my life. I could never expect to ever experience something like this, you really showed me heaven on earth! I'm totally in love with Dubai and all the kind people there, and I really hope to one day come down to Dubai again and to meet you all again. And then I will bring my family and have some more time so we all can see even more of your beautiful country! ;o) Thank you SO much for everything, it has been an honor and huge pleasure to be your guest, and I feel honoured to even have met so nice people as you. Thank you for making sure that I had the best time as ever possible from the very first sec. I arrived , the whole stay there, and to the very last sec. when I left (it belongs to the story that I got the same services at the airport when I left back home as I did get when I arrived ;o) )
Thank you to Ruby for being a tourist with me and always making sure I had the best time. Thank you to all the sweet students who took part in my classes, I loved to be there and to meet you all! - You all did a fabulous work!!!

I miss you all, and I hope we can meet again soon.

Thank you for everything, with all my heart.


Monica said...

Wow, what an amazing place! You are very lucky :0) It's amazing to see how many people from all over the world enjoy this great craft! Thanks for sharing :0)

Claire Brennan said...

WOW! This looks like an amazing experience! I'm so glad you shared so many photos! Thank you!

Stacey Young said...

What amazing photos and such a fantastic experience for yourself but also for everyone to meet the amazing you:)

Ps - Your English is great xo

Evelien said...

The attendees made beautiful layouts!!!
Can't wait to meet you:))


Colleen B. said...

Ingvild, the pics are amazing and what a beautiful place it is. Thanks for sharing and hopefully one day I can attend a class of yours!!!!! Looked like so much fun :)

Treesa said...

WOW! Your one lucky lady!! It looks amazing! I'm sure they felt lucky have you visit and teach some of your beautiful work :)

An Zeelmaekers said...

what a great, beautiful work... and its amazing how many people love scraping!!!

Carmen said...

Wow Ingvild! What a wonderful place. The view out your window was truly AMAZING!! You described the visit very well. The completed pages are gorgeous as well! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

manu said...

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i'm shocked!!!! it's wonderful, and paper lane its' a delirious place! the scrap in Dubay!! great!!!!!
my god!!! it's a fantastic post!

ania said...

For en fantastisk flott opplevelse, da! :D

Crystal said...

I LOVE all these pictures...WOW WOW WOW.too much fun......thanks for sharing!

Janete Stella Behling said...

Dear Ingvild
I love your work and this days in DUBAI should be really amazing.
Now I think you need to come teach here in Brasil.

Oliwiaen said...

That must have been a truly fantastic trip! Stunning photos of Dubai and the dream-store - that's what you call a scrapper's vacation :-))

Rhayne said...

Your English is great! I loved all the photos and you really do express well how great the place is :o)

Gerry said...

Ingvild, I read your story and I enjoyed it so much! I must say while I was reading it I had the feeling I`m in Dibai. What a great experience is that and thanks for sharing! It was interesting! Great photos! Hugs, Gerry

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dubai is so beautiful, thank you for posting the pics. The paperlane store looks amazing! The ladies in Dubai were so lucky to attend your class.

pattyo said...

What an incredible trip! I never imagined it to be so fascinating. I wish I had a scrap store like that near me!

Kaia said...

Det så jo bare helt utrolig flott ut...
Har desverre ikke vært i Dubai "enda", liker meg veldig godt i Egypt, og har mange gode opplevelser derfra.
Kanskje ikke så mange moderne og flotte bygg som i Dubai, men MASSE gammel historie.
Butikken du var i: AT DET GÅR ANN!!!!
Tenk å fått gått berserk en time og fem der da!!
Takk for at du viste bildene, det var kjempegøy å se.
Klem fra Kaia

Samira said...

Ingvild, what a lovely post about Dubai !!!

I've been very lucky to be one of your students when you had your workshop here in Dubai, and can I just say what a privilege it is to have been taught by you !! Indeed we're so lucky to have a growing community of scrapbookers here in Dubai, as well as a store like Paperlane who brings in the latest trends and world-famous artists like you, which keeps the spirit of scrapping alive and glowing in this part of the world !!!

Janinek said...

Loved your update on Dubai. And it was great to see pics of you there as well. I am amazed at just how blonde your hair is!! Yeah I know you are blonde but your hair is just soooooooooo fair!! LOL!!

The Inque Spot said...

I Love Dubai!!! I have spent 2 vacations there while I was in Iraq. The people and the sites are amazing, I have so many pictures to scrap and seeing your post has inspired me to get them done.

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Wow!!!! What an amzing experience for you!!!
That store looks fabby!!!!
Julie xx

Sabrina said...

Hi Ingvild!! I couldn't stop reading from beginning till the end of this post about your amazing experience in Dubai. You are indeed lucky and I am sure it's unforgettable. I love love the Paper Lane!! It was huge and very organized!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Hugs from Singapore,

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Wow! For en flott tur du har hatt til Dubai! Kan bare misunne deg! Herlig!
Fortsatt god sommer - og takk for alt du deler her på bloggen din!!
Klem, Hege

Logo Design said...

Wow Dubai is awesome place to travel there Nice share i like this blog .
Keep it up.

Whitney said...

Great blog Ingvild. I’m trying to learn all I can about paper crafts at the moment and your blog has been a great resource.


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