Friday, September 24, 2010

Have you seen the brand new amazing Prima book?!

Hi all my dear blog friends.

How are you all doing? I am fine, but feeling trrible for not had any time to blog lately. But there are so much going on right now, big things, exciting things, secrets things.. ;-) And on top of being superly busy and having a family and being a student again, I have also been sick for almost two weeks now. *boooring*.

Anyway. Right now I just wanted to make sure all of you had heard about Primas new book? If you still have not heard of this amazing book, its about time! ;o) So here are the press release from Prima about it, please read and enjoy!

Prima Marketing 2010 Idea book is a must-have for your retail shop that carries Prima! This special idea book serves many functions for both the retailer and consumer alike. First lets talk about how this special book was designed with you in mind!
It consists of 122 full color pages with beautiful matte covers. Size: 9.5" width x 8" height. It contains approximately 75% scrapbooking projects (layouts) and 25% other projects such as bird cages, scarfs, necklaces etc. The projects were created by 18 artists from all around the world and contains approximately 130 ideas using our brand.

What role this book plays for the retailer:

This is not just your average run of the mill idea book. We at Prima are always thinking forward and we want to help you sell our products in your shop. The chapters were sectioned by the type of Prima product. So for instance if the consumer loves our crystal swirls but has no idea how to use it, they simply go to the crystals chapter to grab some fun and unique ideas! Or maybe they are confused on how to use one of our super large flowers...this book shows many techniques for that and the consumer can just turn to the "Large Flowers" chapter. Another key note to take into consideration is that we gave the artists Prima product dating from around 2006-2010 so for instance if you have an older flower in your shop, the consumer might even be able to see that exact flower used in this book.

One of our favorite highlights about this that sets the book apart from others is that each and every project is followed by a complete list of Prima products including item numbers. Most projects also have image thumbnails of what the products would look like in a store so seeking the product for the consumer is much easier. It's also very possible for a consumer to see a product in this book that they would like to purchase in large quantities (for invitations, weddings, baby shower, etc) and since the consumer has the item number and image right at their fingertips it allows them to ask you to purchase this item and therefore make another sale on top of the idea book this consumer purchased from you.

What role this book plays for the consumer:

Whether you are a scrapbooker, card maker, or simply a general crafter, this Idea book would be a great addition to your library. It contains scrapbooking, cards, altered art such as canvas, birdcages, gift boxes and so much more! Maybe you already have some Prima products in your craft stash at home but are unsure on how to use it....this book will give you heaps of ideas because it is sectioned by the type of Prima product rather than the type of project. We have also given you a complete materials list for each and every project including the products item numbers! Why?--This gives you the opportunity to call your local store and see if they have the product you are interested in without needing to explain what it looks like. If your local store does not carry it, then the store is aware that there is at least one customer interested in purchasing the item and can aid in their purchasing decisions from Prima. Maybe the next time you walk in, that product might be sitting on the shelf...and all because you had this idea book to help you out! Lastly, most projects are also followed by image thumbnails of what the materials would look like in their full-form (ie you see a piece of chipboard on a layout, but we show you what the whole chipboard sheet looks like). This helps you find the product next time you are shopping in your local store. All in all this special Prima Marketing Idea Book is a must have!
For wholesale inquiries please contact your sales representative or
Gals, this book is sooo great! I have my own sample in front of me here, and it rocks! There are so many beautufl works in it, full of amazing inspiration from first to last page. I really suggest you all to try to get your hands on a sample if you have the opportunity! Ask your local scrapbook store to take them in, I know these books sell really well, and I heard many stores have sold out already.
And, there are 12 works from me in there, lots never shown before, and a few favs. ;o)
If you already have this book or will buy it, please let me know what you think about it! I will love to hear from you all with all your thoughts about it!
No its night here, actually more then that, its almost morning... - time for bed! Promise to be a better blogger from now on, and very soon share more works with you all. I know there will be MANY works from me in October ;o)
Ok, have to catch some sleep.
Thanks for dropping bye, and hugs to all of you!


Dianascarlett said...

It would be interesting to look inside that book. I am sure it's full of fantastic ideas!

valenbergia said...

Я уверена, что книга классная, вот только как ее в Россию заиметь?:)))

Pink lady said...

Høres ut som en flott bok:-)
Håper du får tid til mere scrapping i nærmeste fremtid:-)
Ønsker deg riktig god bedring og en god helg!

Klem Laila.

SusieJ said...

Thanks for showing us this book - it looks fabulous!
Sue xx

Kathy said...

I would really love to get that book, but I can't find it anywhere!

Julia Sáddi said...

Ingvild, this book is the next item on my 'Scrap Wish List'!!!
1 Huge Hug, Julia Sáddi

bichonpawz said...

What a beautiful book by Prima! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

Christiane said...

get well soon, ingvild!! but you're not alone: i'm also dealing with a bad bad cold!!
virus hugs!!! ;)

Gerry said...

Hi Ingvild, hope you are doing better and the antibiotic is working now ;-)! It`s great to see you posting again! I miss you in the "bloggy" world :-)!!!!!!!!
This book looks so worthy to have it....I`ll check it for sure!
Get well soon & take goof care of yourself! Hugs, ~G~

Synnøve said...

En venninne av meg har allerede kjøpt denne, og etter en liten snik-titt, fant jeg ut at denne måtte bli min. Er vel bare å slenge inn en bestilling.
Et herlig bind med MASSER av inspirasjon og vakre prosjekter!!!
Ha en flott helg. Håper du er blitt bedre.

nancy said...

It would be lovely to buy it but where?



Jozebelle said...


I glad you're feeling better and i would like that Prima book, it sounds great and a lot of inspiration, hope to get the money to buy it.
Hope you will be finished in time with all your work and I look forward to see what you're workin on!

And about the blog, it's more important you take care of yourself and your family, we will be here when tim is right for you!

Hugs Ann-Marie

Anonymous said...

I have just bought the book and I am looking at all the beautiful pages you made Ingvild right now. Congratulation, I love everything! All artists made a great job!!!

Tina said...

The book looks great. Would love to get my hands on a copy. BTW, I love the photo of your Mum, its a gorgeous photo. The lighting is perfect.