Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hi all. Are you having a great day?
Here its actually snowing today and its so cold. Winter came early this year, the poor trees still have their leaves on! What happened to fall? Only three seasons this year? Hmm.. guess I must have missed that message...

Some months ago I did one layout with the theme "Childrens Games" for a magazine in France, together with the one in my last post. Here is my take on a "Childrens Games" layout;

On the picture you can see my daughter jumping into a square in hopscotch. She's playing it together with her friend Rebecca who is holding the stone and waiting for her turn to throw and jump. The layout has the title "Playtime" from the beautiful chopboard design from Scrapware.

And here are some close-ups;

In the left upper corner I used one of my favorite bird stamps from Layers of Color. Isnt this bird just beautiful?! I stamped on a piece of white paper, colored it, cut it out and used it as a piece of embellish.

Beautiful chipboard corner from Scrapware. These birds are cutouts from a Paintable from Prima.

Here is a close-up showing how I used one of Prima's vines (branch with flowers) and shaped it around the little photo of the sidewalk chalk. The beautiful white fence is chipboard from Scrapware.

Close ups of the cluster with Prima embellish, and a beautiful chipboard titel from Scrapware covered randomly with Ranger Stickles.

This layout has also now been published in Scrapbooking m.m.

Thank you so much everyone for taking your time to drop by my blog, I really appreciate your visit. Wish you all a wonderful day! *hugs*


Darien said...

STUNNING!!!!! Your Work is beyond Beautiful!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Tomoko said...

You don't ever fail to inspire me!!!! Love every single detail of this page!!! And loooove all the colors here!!!!


Kate said...

Quite agree, stunning,beautiful and inspirational.

** Kate **

Anne said...

Dersom du har hatt tre årstider men syns at høsten mangler så er du heldig, her var det sommeren som manglet. ;)

Så nyydelig flott LO, fantastiske farger og superlekker pynt! :)
Elsker det lille bildet av fargekrittene. :)

Klem, Anne.

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

Stunning! I love it! such a detailed LO! x

anne jorunn said...

Eg såg denne i Scrapbooking mm å eg falt pladask! Eeelske fargene! Å bakgrunnen med murstein...digge an! Bildene va jo og bare så stilige!

Håbe du får en flotte kveld! Eg ska bare gjør meg ferdige med husarbeidet så blir det julekortmekking på meg :)

Masse klemmer fra meg! :)

anne jorunn said...

Eg såg denne i Scrapbooking mm å eg falt pladask! Eeelske fargene! Å bakgrunnen med murstein...digge an! Bildene va jo og bare så stilige!

Håbe du får en flotte kveld! Eg ska bare gjør meg ferdige med husarbeidet så blir det julekortmekking på meg :)

Masse klemmer fra meg! :)

Gerry said...

Oh my, I can`t believe it`s snowing`s a real Autumn....rain and wind :-(
Ingvild, this page is out of this world....Love it to pieces (I`m saying this every time I write on your blog :-))....but I do love your work :-)....this is not an exception!
The stamp work is amazing!
Have a nice weekend with your sweet family! Hugs, ~G~

LG said...

This is heavenly! I wish I cans crap like you. Your attention to details is amazing! Where can i get those bird stamps? They look so cute

Pink lady said...

Wow, så lekker LO!!
Utrolig nydelig farger og spekket med lekre detaljer..som alltid:-)

Ha en fin kveld og god helg!
Klem Laila.

EFI said...

Amazing!!! Love your LO!!!

Connie said...

Helt utrolig fantastisk!! Følger med i bloggen din, og du inspirerer til lek med LO'er :-)

Julia Sáddi said...

Gosh!!! Amazinly Beautiful!!!
Love your projects Ingvild!!!
When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!!! : )
xox Love, Julia Sáddi - Brazil

aina said...

Wow...nydelig! Alle detaljene..og bildene var skjønne! Ha en flott kveld!

misteejay said...


I love the embellishments and all the bits of interest.

Toni :o)

Fryne said...

such a delicate and yet playful layout!!! how you do this??? will moving to your snowy country help me obtain such perfection in scrappin'?


Laura - Layers of Color said...

Oh, you've brought the joys of childhood to life in full happy color, Ingvild! Marvelous work of art!

Lovely Linda said...

Hello Ingvilde - this is divine! You are amazing with your layouts and make me want to be so much better! I love every aspect of this layout - especially that gorgeous Chickadee from Layers of Color - it is a favourite of mine too! Thanks you for sharing your works of the heart with us! {{{hugs}}}

deborah said...

waouhhhhhhhhhhhh beautiful!!!!!!

Dianascarlett said...


Martine Labelle said...

this is absolutely gorgeous!!

Stacey Young said...

This is just beautiful and I love the little birdie up the top....stunning xo

pattyo said...

This is beautiful, as always! I love the Playtime chipboard.

Kaia said...

Fantastisk, som vanlig.
Nydelig oppsett og spekket med lekre detaljer...
Klem fra Kaia

SusieJ said...

Awesome LO Ingvild - as always your work is inspirational and the attention to detail is fabulous.
Sue xx

charlot said...

Very beautiful.
Every thing that
you made, I love it!


Marianne said...

Utrolig vakker! Nydelige farger! Detaljene er som vanlig utsøkte, men likte spesielt godt det oppi venstre hjørnet og fuglene du har brukt :)

Ha en flott helg!

Anette said...

WOW dette er helt rått!!! Har ikke ord!
Ønsker deg en god og kreativ helg ;)
Klem ;)

pysselpetra said...

Lovely page - love all the stunning details

jorunn`s Fristed said...

Å du å du sier jeg bare.. Blir helt grepet av det du får til. Insprasjonen flommer når jeg er inne hos deg.. Takk for det.

(Hilsen linns bestis )

Synnøve said...

SUKK Ingvild! Du er en mester i detaljer!!! Kan sitte leeenge å studere LOene dine, vakkert og kreativt!
Du er en stor inspirator, TUSEN TAKK for det!!!
Ha en herlig søndag,

Jannecke said...

Nydelig lekker LO!! Mase herlige detajler ♥

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