Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Facebook profile!

Its been a while since last post now, and I the reason is creazy times as always... This time I have even had a water leak at my scrap place, and are now working on a new one. Had to remove all my stuff in one day, so its now all in big boxes waiting for me to finish up my new room ;o) Looking forward to get this room, but was not so happy about the fact that I had to move it all when I already was behind on works.  I will share pics of my new scrap space when I'm finish with it, ok? ;O)

And as you maybe already knew, I am also on Facebook. But now I have also got a "Artist Page" which I am working on these days! This is my Facebook profile where I will write in English and post my things about scrapbooking, photo and design. Please make sure to check it out here . And PS; I have a Christmas Gift Draw going on in there, so drop in and check it out! ;o)

Hope to see you there, and I promise other updates in here very soon! ;o)


1 comment:

Lene S said...

Det var en god ide Ingvild! :) Skal huske å stikke innom siden etterpå.

Ha en fin dag!