Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sharing some pics from Halloween...

Hi everyone. Did you have a great Halloween?

We had a great day. Iselina was a witch, and was so excited about the whole thing, the whole day. She's 4 in 2 weeks, so Halloween is still something "new" for her, but she can still remember when she was a ghost last year ;o) In Norway Halloween is a "new thing". Its not more then maybe 2-3 years since we used to say that Halloween was "something American" that we was not used to, and we didnt celebrate it in our family at all. But in the least years it has changed, now more and more Norwegians does celebrate Halloween, and usual all the kids go trick or treats now. But last year, since our family was not used to Halloween yet, and Iselina had not even turned 3 years yet, we didnt think about Halloween at all before some kids was at our door for trick or treats... There and then I had to find out a quick solution for Iselina so she could go with them. And, the solution was an old sheet and some face paint we had in house, so she walked the trick and treat as a little ghost. You should have seen this ghost, because it had some big scared eyes in two holes in the sheet, because even though she loved Halloween, she thought the whole thing was a bit scary...

Here is a image of her little cute and a bit scared face from last year;

But now, even though she thought it was a bit scary last year, she have waited and waited for Halloween this year, and this year we was a bit better prepared. This year she was a witch and looked like this;

I think she looked so different from herself, couldnt believe my sweet little girl was under that painting! lol
And this is what all our neighbors met when they opened their door on Sunday... A little one meter tall witch.. ;o)

Sha almost looks scared this year too, and even maybe a bit sad. But she LOVED it, and was so happy and excited about the whole thing. As I have told before, she love to be in front of the camera and knows exactly how to act to each "setting". And now, since she was a witch, she wanted to look serious. And maybe the face paint made her look a lot different too. But she was a happy girl, and after only a little hour, she came back home with a big bucket FULL of treats!

While talking about being in fron of the camera; Iselina and I had another shoot here the other day. And here is one photo from that shoot;

You can also find some more in my gallery on the left site here in my blog. Please just scroll to you find the one named "Photos of Iselina", and click in there.

Thats all for now, now I have to run to catch my classes at school. And I have to say; ITS FUN TO STUDY GRAPHIC DESIGN! :D

Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate your visit a lot.
Have a nice day everyone!

 *hugs* Ingvild

Oh, almost forgot; our spooky Halloween lamp! ;)  Bye now ;)


Marie Wisén said...

Läskigt fantastiskt...... Läckert
Kram Marie

Linn said...

Woooow for noen bilder du tar, og så sinnsykt kult det første bildet var, iiiik ble nesten redd her hihi!

Skulle ønske jeg kunne ta bilder som deg, de er jo kunstverk i seg selv altså!! ha en god dag snuppi!!

finnabair said...

OMG..she looked fantastic! a little cute witch! And those eyes - a bit scared indeed :)

I just love the last shoot - it is so artistic!!!

SusieJ said...

Fabulous costumes and photos Ingvild.
Sue xx

Asia said...

Great makeup and photos! Pozdrawiam

Aloesaloes said...

Wonderful pictures!

linsal said...

så supre bilder, herlig liten 'skremt' spøkelse på det første, og sååå alvorlig herlig heks hun var i år da :D og den gresskar lykten; wow!

pattyo said...

Love your photos! Iselina looks great as the ghost and the witch. Glad she had a good time.

Pink lady said...

Så flink fotograf du er, Ingvild!!
Nydelige bilder av din datter:-)...både spooky og søt heks:-) Herlig!!

Ha en fin torsdag! Klem Laila.

Ania said...

Hihi, hun er nå søt uansett hvor "skremmende" hun skal være :)

Sonya said...

As always your photos are stunning! What a transformation a little face paint makes, your little ghost/ witch looks so scarey but so sweet!

Caitysmom said...

Great pictures! I always love to check out your blog.

Scrappin out of the Box said...

Those are amazing photos!!

Gerry said...

Well, I`ve never seen such an adorable witch, Ingvild :-)! You`ve taken some awesome shots and I love them. Especially the one Iselina`s standing next to the door! Actually, I won`t take a fave `cause I like them all! Hugs, Gerry

Synnøve said...

For noen fantastiske bilder du tar Ingvild! Utrolig vakre!
Et søtt spøkelse, om enn litt skremt ja;)
-og like skummel som heks.
Så moro for barna denne dagen.
Ha en fin søndag,

ruffa said...

Boooooo - for et skummelt spøkelse du har kreert her da - fantastisk.

Er innom her stadig vekk jeg - men er fryktelig dårlig på å vise det liksom.

Har printet ut en av de siste LO'ene dine som jeg tenkte å låne litt sånn til meg selv - var jo såååå vakker den og.

The Color Room er nå flittig besøkt av meg og veeeeeldig mange andre norske - kos ikke sant.

En strålende mandag og uke til deg og dine ♥

Titane333 said...

Great photos!