Monday, November 22, 2010

Wavy paper lace edges tutorial!

Hi all. How are you doing today?

Today I'm going to share a tutorial with you all on how to create wavy paper lace edge on your circle layouts or cards!
Last month I was so honored to be Scrapbook News and Review's Featured Artist, and made this tutorial for that feature. Now I want to share it here in my blog too ;o)

This is the layout I did with this edge technique;

The beautiful pattern papers, background stamp and "Adorable" paper tag are from Onirie. Bird stamp from Layers of Color, and flowers, green journal paper pieces, clear tapes and small butterflies stamps from Prima.

And a close-up showing some details and the paper lace;
And here is the first layout I made for about a year ago where I used this technique, but where the edge is even more wide and "wavy" to fit to the more romantic and vintage style;
 I used lots of Prima products on this layout from CHA release winter 2010.

And here a close-up of the lace edge;

And now, over to the steps for how to do this edge;

Wavy Paper Lace Edge Tutorial

•Craft Knife
•Sewing Machine
•Ranger Dabber (Snow Cap) or white acrylic paint
•Chalk ink or Ink in color of choice
•2 papers; 1 solid and 1 patterned and not too thick
•Strong Clear Glue
•Paper Craft Glue

Step One: Draw a circle in the center of your layout. I used a plate to help me draw the circle. Be sure to leave at least 2.5 centimetres left on each edge of a 12”x12” layout.

Step Two: Cut out the circle and remove the edge
Step Three: Make a template that is 3.7 centimetres high, 2 centimetres wide on the bottom and 4 centimetres wide on the top, as shown on the white paper in this image. If possible, use a thick paper or cardstock for this as it makes it easier to use over and over again and to draw lines around.
Step Four: Choose a patterned paper to use for the paper lace edge and lay it upside down on your work surface. Then use your template and draw this shape on the backside of your patterned paper as shown in the following image.

Step Five: Using a craft knife or a pair of scissors, cut out paper strips by following the drawn lines.

Step Six: Now you can easily and quickly cut the short lines and you’ll have all your small paper pieces ready for the next step
Step Seven: Using an edge punch, put one short paper segment and one piece of paper in the punch to create a shaped edge. Make sure you punch the widest edge of each paper segment (the one that is 4 centimetres wide).

Step Eight: Each of your paper pieces should look like this:

Step Nine: Use the paint dabber or acrylic paint to randomly cover the punched edges of each paper piece.

Step Ten: All your paper pieces show now look like this
Step Eleven: Apply a very thin line of glue on the outer edge of the circle paper, trying to keep the glue as far out on the edge as possible, and then glue on each paper piece not farther into the circle paper than 0.5 centimetres each. Glue on one and one piece beside each other with a gap of about 0.2 centimetres between each inner edge.

Step Twelve: When all your paper pieces are glued on, your circle paper and paper edge should look like this:

Step Thirteen: Use a sewing machine to sew around the circle paper to faster even paper piece to the edge. Use a zigzag pattern and try to sew only on the double paper edges.

Step Fourteen: If there are any edges left on the paper pieces that aren’t sewn, you can fold them up with your finger nails. This will create a fancy and “used” look.

Step Fifteen: Now you can lay a piece of paper over the circle paper to cover it up, and then use a ink pad or chalk ink pad to ink and distress the folded edges a bit.

Step Sixteen: Use three fingers to fold every single paper piece like this to create a fold.

Step Seventeen: Try to place each folded paper piece so each edge is meeting each other. Only do two at a time. Try to place the edges between two pieces so they meet each other (you’ll have to force the paper pieces to curl a bit while doing this) and then sew a zigzag seam back and forward two or three times on the edges to fasten them together. You don’t have to fasten the thread now. When one is done, move forward to the next piece and continue around the whole circle until all pieces are done.

Step Eighteen: Now cut all off all the long threads on the front and backside of the sewn paper.

Step Nineteen: Where the punched edges don’t meet perfectly to each other, you can use scissors to shape it a bit and to cut off small pieces to make them fit better.

Step Twenty: Use a strong, clear glue to fasten the thread. If you glue on the backside of all the seams, you’ll fasten it better and make sure it won’t loosen or tear off. You’ll also make the whole paper edge stronger. Leave it to dry.

Step Twenty-One: Now your background paper with a handmade paper lace edge should look like this and will be ready to decorate as desired.

Please note! This tutorial is for the thinnest paper lace sample shown here on the turqoise layout. To create the wider more vintage one, you have to make the template larger (wider in both ends and longer) size depending on how large you want the paper lace to be. Please also note, for each inch you add to the template, you have to take away x2 on the with on the circle background paper to create the same size on your work. I also recommand you to do step sixteen before step eleven when the paper pieces are larger, so they will fold enough before sweing them on.

All this probably seems as much work, but I promise you that it aint difficult to do at all. And when you have done it one time, its very easy and quick to do another one next time ;o)

Hope you liked my tutorial, and wish you good luck if you will give it a try, which I hope you will! ;o)

Take care everyone, and enjoy the week!
*hugs* Ingvild


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Such a clever and creative idea, Ingvild! And so much work! LOL! Fabulous results, well worth it!

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fabulous! thanks for the very clear tutorial. would love to try this.

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Goodness talk about fiddly!
But it looks just devine.....thanks for sharing this wonderful technique

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I really love your blog and I know I will be visiting you again, and this tutorial and project of yours are just so awesome and I am glad that you share it with your readers including me. I would like to try this wavy paper lace edges project if you don't mind and will blog about and and give you credit. Thank you again for sharing and please hop on to my blog at

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If you could e-mail me with a few suggestions on just how you made your blog look this excellent, I would be grateful.

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Thanks for this great tutorial. I tried it yesterday and I am very pleased with the outcome. Being very new to scrapbooking, I am still looking around wide-eyed, and your blog continues to be an inspiration.
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Very beautiful, you have put so much effort into this project and it was worth every minute. I would love to try making this layout, thankyou for sharing.

Claralesfleurs said...

Hi Ingvild,
I made a page from your tutorial a few months ago and I had great fun doing this fabulous lace. Ingvild thank you for sharing your technique. Your work inspires me greatly and I am an avid fan of everything you do. Here is the link of the page I made ​​from your tutorial if you want to see.

Hug from gilfriend in Quebec

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