Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I will teach "around the world" in 2011!!!

Hi all. I promised you all to share some news today, and here it is! :)

I have trough the last years been invited to teach classes all around the world, but several things in life have forced me to put teaching on hold. But now, finally, I have opened up to start teaching classes in 2011! :D I am so happy for this and are really looking forward to it all, to meet scrappers from around the world, and to maybe meet you! ;o)

My first classes will start in September, and I have already classes booked for almost whole 2011! I even have some booked for 2012, so I will be traveling a lot the next years and who knows, maybe I will come to your country too? 

I do not have the details for my classes ready yet, but are working on them to get everything settled as soon as possible, and promise to share it all in here as soon as I know more! 

But what I can share right now of where I will be teaching in 2011, are these events;

First up
; Scraptastic 2011 in Belgium 23rd - 25th of September!

Here you can visit the events site!

And the next one I can share is this event;

Your Creative Journey in Australia! 
This journey starts already in a month or so and will last all trough out 2011. But I will teach in Australia trough this amazing journey between 31st of October to the 12th of November 2011!

Please check out Creative Journeys great website and read more about this upcoming journey which you can't miss!
All request about these events have to go through each events manager, so please click into their sites if you have any question or wish to sign up for a class! For Your Creative Journey (Australia); please contact Sherry Mendoza on e-mail for any requests for this event - Thank you!

Except for the trip I had to Dubai, I have not teach for over a year. I am now looking forward to get started again and to travel around and get the opportunity to meet a lot of you in person! Yay! :D
Could you please update me in here if you will be going to one of my workshops in one of the events trough 2011? I will LOVE to hear from you if you will be going!!! :D 

Before Christmas I was so honored to be Melissa Frances Guest designer. But something happened with our e-mails.. they never got my works.. So they decided to redo the whole GDT post, and so will I! I will start today with sharing pics of what I did for them and have been shown before, and follow up with new works which I have not shared in here yet and post them tomorrow. 

First up here, all my altered hearts made for Melissa Frances:

This heart is inspired by very talented Danielle Flanders, who came up with roses of the crape paper! Love them!

And all of them together, home decor altered hearts and baby girl and baby boy hearts:

And here is the mini Bingo Album card with a tag i made for my dear mum. I created it to her to remind her self of how beautiful she is.

The front of the card.

Close-up of front.

On the inside of the first pages, showing a picture of my beautiful mum when she was around 1 year old.

And this shows when you pull up the tag in the card, it views a beautiful picture of my mum, telling her that she is still beautiful. And I really think she does look beautiful, on the inside and outside, at age 61!

Thank you so much for dropping by everyone, I appreciate every single visit of yours! 
And I hope you will check back tomorrow and see my next post with Melissa Frances works ;o)

And yes, of course; I HOPE TO SEE YOU IN ONE OF MY CLASSES IN 2011!!! ;O)

Take care!


misteejay said...

How exciting for you.

The heart projects are beautiful - I love them all. Can't wait to see the other things that you have promised to share with us.

Toni :o)

Lovely Linda said...

Wahoo! I am so excited that you are coming to Australia Ingvild and have already started making inquiries about when and where - it would be such a blessing to meet you and attnd your classes! I adore your work and LOVE the work you have done using Layers of Color - you inspire me daily my friend!! The prospect of attneding one of your classes is DIVINE!! {{{hugs}}}
Linda LOC Design Team

Blossom inch said...

awesome, I am happy that you will be teaching around the world and traveling again. The hearts are just so nice and the tag album too. Thanks for sharing!

JoanneK said...

Your Melissa Frances projects are beautiful, and that card for your Mom...WOW, so gorgeous!

Have fun travelling the world teaching what you love! Travel safe!

Charlotte Ravn said...

I have signed up for your class in Belgium and I'm so looking forward to meet you Ingvild! I love your work! :)

Paper Paradise said...

How fantastic for you, so exciting!!!! Here's hoping you get to visit England.....oh how I wish....Your work is absolutely stunning, romantic, timeless, need I go on? Enjoy every minute of it! Sue x

Karina said...

This sounds so exciting. And it would be so great if you would come to Switzerland one day. I am a big admirer of all of your artwork and would love to see live what you do.

Scrapidea said...

Hi Ingvild, happy new year!
I'll join your class in belgium and I really look forward to this! *can't wait* :-)

malin said...

Fantastiska alster! Jag hoppas du kommer till lilla vårgårda någon gång:)


I hope you come to Brazil!!! Soo, i can learn with you!! :)

Linda said...

Så spennende nyheter for deg! Og så heldige de er, de som får lære av deg!

Nydelige hjerter du har laget, og tagkortet er virkelig lekkert.

Else Slipsager said...

And I am looking forward to your workshop in Belgium for Scraptastic. Love your work.

Juls said...

such fabulous creations! Hugs Juls

Sherry Mendoza said...

I am so excited about bringing you to Australia to do your workshops Ingvild...we are getting emails already!!!

Anne said...

Så spennende nyheter, jeg skulle ønske du kom til lofoten også (haha). :)

Hjertene er helt nydelige, spesielt det rosa og det blå! *sukk*

Kortet til moren din er utrolig skjønt og lekkert, og ja, hun er virkelig en vakker dame! :)

Godt Nyttår, Ingvild. :)

Ina said...

Wow, I'm so glad you are going to teach workshops we can attend. I found that the workshop in Belgium is a 200 km drive, but I think it's worthwhile. So I wrote them to book your two workshops. I hope/guess it will be two different ones, because there is no information on their site.
I knew 2011 would be better than 2010!!!!!

mo9ca said...

Så gøy og utrolig spennende!
Lykke til med reising og med kurs - vanvittig kjekt at denne hobbyen kan åpne så mange dører for deg, og at man får sjangsen til å møte så mange spennende mennesker på veien!

Pink lady said...

Masse lykke til med alle årets kurs rundt omkring i verden!! Utrolig moro:-)
Du lager bare så mye lekkert...kommer garantert til å inspirere mange glade scrappedamer!
Nydelige hjerter og lekkert kort til din kjære mamma. En veldig flink fotograf er du også:-)

Klem Laila.

Irina said...

Oh, I hope you'll come to the States one day...Adore your work!

Sandra said...

Your work is so so beautiful, it's a joy to visit your blog.

Jannecke said...

Jeg er stum av beundring!
Herlige hjerter, og så mye lekkert du får til!!!! ♥

Rianna said...

That's really great Ingvild! I hope you can come to The Netherlands some time so I can join another one of your workshops again.

xrysa said...

How lovely!!! I already think about participating in Belgium's weekend... I have already met Natalie in France the past November but I really don't want to miss your classes too!

מימס mimms said...

Great, see you in Belgium
although your first class is already full

Isabel said...

I will see you in Belgium , I already enrolled weeks ago to yout class , love your style

And You are right about one thing : your mom IS beautiful !

Decofabryka said...

Amazing hearts! Love them!

Diana Joy said...

Are you coming to America to teach? Please do so...on the West Coast. I love your work. My friend in Australia is excited you are coming there...I'm jealous.

Kim said...

I am so incredibly stoked that you are making the trek to Australia to teach. I cannot wait to join you in your Australian workshops. A dream come true.

Pia said...

wow så kæmpe rålækkert album, du er så dygtig og jeg er en stor beundre af alle dine nydelige projekter med alle de lækre detaljer du har på

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