Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coming to USA!

Hi everyone in USA and all of you who are already planning to go to CHA summer!

I have some exciting news to share with you all;

I am so excited about this all! Two of my biggest dreams are coming true this summer; to release my own product line (and not "just" to release a own line, but with Prima!!!), and maybe best of all, to go to USA to teach classes and finally meet you all! I am so excited, so happy, and I just can't wait to get started on all this! And, I really hope to meet YOU in July!

Please contact Prima if you are interested in book classes with me, or contact me and I will take care of your request.

Wow... and did I say that I will finally go to CHA too! :D WHAT a summer this will be! Are you going to CHA?

Please let me know where you will be, and if you will take one of my classes.

As soon as I know where and when all classes will be, I will let you all know in here my schedule for the upcoming classes in US.
A part of the teaching program will be my brand new Comfort-Tool line! ;O)

Ok, I will keep you updated, and again, I so hope to see you all when I am coming over! :D *jippy*!

Take care everyone, and wish you all a wonderful weekend!

*happy hugs* from me,


Ayelet {Jenny} said...

Wow! Congratulations! I think I will need to get me some of this beauties ma dear!
So when are coming to the UK? ;)
So happy for you what a fantastic dream to fulfill! xxx

jenny said...

Oh how I love to hear about dreams coming true... Biggest congrats to you Ingvild... your work is so gorgeous and I your new line is fabulous...

Jenny x

T's Creations said...

Det er bare så moro å lese hva som skjer og hva du har oppnådd, Ingvild, etter NM-triumfen! :) Og jeg synes den gode ideen om ergonomisk verktøy innenfor papirhobby var på tide! :o)

Carmen said...

Congratulations Ingvild! Your work is truly inspiring!!

Heidi Kelley said...

YESSSS!!!! I will be there, at least am planning on it right now, WOOT!!!! This is SO exciting!!!!!

Katherine said...

I would love to be there! Do you know where you will be teaching? .... hope you're making a stop in New England!!

Gerry said...

What great news, girly! Congratulations! I`m so happy for you! Well, I won`t see you in USA :-( but I can`t wait to meet you in September :-)...YAY! Take care and hugs your way! ~Gerry~

pattyo said...

How exciting, Ingvild! Where in the US will you be? How I would love to attend a class!

Pam said...

I hope you will post your schedule and where you will be. If it is anywhere close to me, I would love to take a class from you. You are so talented!

SusieJ said...

Congrats Ingvild! The tools look awesome.
Any chance you'll get to the UK? xx

karen said...

That is truly exciting! And what is not to love about Prima? Your dreams are becoming a reality and it is always wonderful to hear about big events like this because it encourages us to keep dreaming and planning as well. Perhaps you will come to Canada too?

Jolaine Frias said...

Oh! I REALLY want to go! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!

Lene S said...

Wow! Det er helt utrolig hva du har fått til Ingvild! Så morsomt :))) WTG girl ;)

LISA said...

I will be there Ingvild, and I look forward to meeting you!!! You are going to love CHA, and I hope you fall in love with the USA!!!! See you in Chicago!!!!! How exciting for you!!!

Patricia said...

what a super dooper combination!!!!Ingvild and Prima!!!May they both go from strength to strength.As you know I am such a fan of your work...Always enjoy seeing your creations!!!

Susanne said...

Ett stort Grattis!! Verktygen ser fantastiska kommer jag att köpa!!! Ha det så jättebra på CHA...

Torill said...

You go girl!!!
Heier på deg!!! Kos deg i USA!!!
Så utrolig kult!!

Anja's KortKreasjoner said...

så heldige dem er som får møte deg :))) jeg beundrer deg og ditt arbeid - fantastiske verktøy du har laget *ønsker meg alt*
klem, Anja

Sol said...

Velfortjent! Gratulerer så mye! Gleder meg på dine vegne! Lykke til videre!!! :o)

Rachel רחלי גזית said...

good for yop!! have the best of luck!

Lani BH said...

Ingvild, Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I hope to see you again in Chicago, inshallah!

Mano said...

that's great news, I am very happy for you!
I hope that the stores in France or Belgium will sell your range of products soon, I'll be happy to buy them!
Huge kisses from Belgium,

jonaks said...

congratulations!!! that will be so much fun!

Rhonda V. said...

That's all fabulous news! I'm so excited!!! I'm coming to CHA and hope I get the opportunity to say hello!

Julia Sáddi said...

Ingvild, congratulations for all the great things that are happening to you, you surely deserve it all!!!
Love, Julia Sáddi

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