Monday, July 4, 2011

Curious Mind layout and online classes!

Hi everyone, hope you all are having a good day.
And to all American people; HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! Hope this will be an amazing day for you all!

Here I am swamped, it's that crazy time at the year when everything shall be prepared to CHA, and this time it is even more insane due to my new upcoming product releases with Prima! :D So much to prepare, and it is fun, fun fun! And I am also working on all my upcoming classes for this fall, so, there is absolutely enough to do before I leave Norway to head to USA in 10 days! *wow time flies*

Anyway, some things from me today;
1. It seems like Canada will be on my list too for this trip! ;O)
2. I will start to share sneaks of my NEW product release with Prima here in my blog SOON! ;O)

Ok, I have some more works to share that I have done for about an year ago which have been out for publication since, and today I will share another one done for the great Prima Inspiration book.
"Curious Mind" is a Prima layout where I had fun doing tons of hand cut outs and different painting techniques on a Prima paintable, and here it is;

And, as always, some close-ups; ;O)

I also wish to share some updates for the upcoming classes where Trisha Ladouceur and I will teach at Swirlydoos now in July;

These classes is now available online via Ustream!
Do you live too far away to attend one of my classes in US physically? Well, now you can attend online! Please contact Swirlydoos by clicking on the image above to order kits or for more details. Please note; If you wish to attend by Ustream, you must put in orders on kits by July 5th! So if you wish to attend these classes, please jump in now to sign up!

Hope to see you soon in one of my classes, physically or as online attendees, and thank you for dropping in to my blog!



Maggie said...

Thanks for the best wishes, wow these will be a kewl class...

pattyo said...

I actually gasped when I saw this layout--it is so beautiful!

Jamie said...

WOW! This is stunning Ingvild!! And I must say I'm super excited that your class is being offered online!!! I do live too far away from swirlydoos, but now I CAN STILL TAKE THE CLASS!!! WAHOOO I'm all signed up and now just waiting for the yummy kits!!! How amazing technology is!!!! Have a safe trip, and see ya in u-stream:):):)

Janine K said...

This LO is gorgeous. Love all the fine details in it.

Dri Gallinucci said...

This is beautiful dear!!!!
Me and my brazilian friends can not wait to meet yoy, in my 2012!!