Monday, August 22, 2011

About time to post some works again.... Altered coffee Grinder!

Hi all my dear blog readers.

First of all; sorry! Sorry for being such a bad blogger! I hope my blog will be better and more fun for everyone to visit more regular soon. The last months has been worse then even usual, and I wish to do something about that, wish to change it all to the better! Starting today! ;O) I wish to post more often with different kind of posts, and at least never wait so long as this time before I post works again. So sorry for that, but time have just been insane the last months with the USA-tour, CHA, planning upcoming classes and product designs.

Anyway, enough "blah blah" from me today, time to show a altered item I did before I left for USA;

A altered coffee grinder! I bought a cheap mini coffee grinder at a local antique store, and it was boring and looked pretty "bad", just brown, and even the label holder which used to be on it was off... I got it for like $5, so I thought that was a fair enough price for a poor item as this and thought I then had "budget" to invest a bit creative time on it instead to try to make it look less poor.. ;O)

So I altered with new and old Prima goodies, and painted it white. Went for shabby chic light colors, and pretty much tried to "bring back life to it" in the words meaning ;O) I had in mind a living coffee grinder, where flowers were growing and stretching out on the top of the grinder (instead of coffee beans), and where the same flowers pops out and grows out of the drawer who pops open where some old gears are running inside of it and still saying "tic tac". The is even a family leaving inside of the grinder, as a little house, and on the backside of the grinder you can twist it up just like an old bell clock, even though you of course never do that with a grinder.. ;O) But in my mind when I created this one, I wanted it to be "all alive and still ticking"... Like a fairy tale.. a wonderland....or a dream box? Or maybe a Fantasy House?...

Here you can see all the flowers and the butterfly on top of the project, the flowers kind of growing and stretching out and don't want to be pressed down and into the grinder... ;O) You can also see here the white painted and crackled effect I added to the boring brown original wood on the grinder.

Here you see the coffee grinder from a different angle, showing one side with one of my resin windows from the Shabby Chic Resin Treasures at Prima. I also used my resin corners up in the corners on front of the project. Since the resins are white original, it is very easy to recolor them just as you want, the colors will show easily and show their true color. On these I still wanted them to be white, so I only added touches of my Chalk Edgers "Dry Sand" randomly to the edges to make them look more vintage. The same I did on all the white painted edges to give them the same look.

Here you can see the drawer filled with old clock gears and Prima flowers. You can also easily here see the brown edges and vintage paper corners that is distressed with Comfort-Craft Tool's - Distresser Tool, after the paper was added to the project. The Chalk Edgers is so easy to control and add chalk fluid to wherever you wish to add it to create an old looking effect. Resin corners up in the corners of the project, from the Shabby Chic Resin Treasures collection, kit Sculpture Window.

On this side you can see an open window into "the home" where "someone" is living in this grinder.. ;O)

Here you can see a little boy sitting with a table inside behind the open window...

And here you can see the boy inside behind the open resin window...

The backside of the grinder, showing where you can "pull it up" as a clock ;O) At least you can do that on this one in my fantasy world.. ;O)

On the back I used a resin from my Shabby Chic Resin Treasures, the "ceiling ornaments". Made a hole in it and added an old rusty bell clock key into the hole.
Again you can see the distressed paper corners which is distressed with Distressing Tool and Chalk Edgers, both from my new lines with Prima!

Thank you everyone for dropping in today and take a peek into my crazy little fantasy world ;O) - hope you enjoyed the post!

Wish you all a wonderful and creative week!

Hugs and smiles :D


Chantal Vandenberg said...

Wow Ingvild!!! This is UNREAL! What an incredible piece! Wowee!!!

Aline Fonseca said...

Lovely project!
I Love your photos! So professional!
Great job!

Scrapthat said...

It's just beautiful!! TFS!

vida said...

simplesmente espetacular,parabens,bjsss

Lovely Linda said...

Totally divine Ingvild - I love all of the details, especially the little boy in the window - gorgeous! Thank for sharing - it was well worth the wait! {{{hugs}}}

Orli said...

You killing me ! How gorgeus!


How adorable is that..... A vintage little boy living in a grinder-home! Love your imagination.

Bonnie said...

Simply stunning! TFS, Bonnie :-)

Inessgold said...

WOW!!! Super!

Patricia said...

I have an old grinder similar to this one... guess what is going to be done to it!!!This is sooo beautiful Ingvild !Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and work!!!

Blossom inch said...

this is stunning!

anne jorunn said...

OMG!! Du slutte aldri å imponera! Denne her va bare heilt fantastiske!!!
Tusen takk for alt inspirasjonen du har i bloggen din! Glede meg te mer updates på ka du lage!!

Ha en strålende mandag!(Rekne med at på denne tiå av døgnet så ligge du å sove og går glipp av det fina veret kniiis...)
Stor klem fra meg:)

IWA said...

Ochhhhh, wonderful!

Magda(i)Lena said...

Amazing! What a incredible idea! Totally divine. Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Oh My Goodness, this is truly amazing, You have done the most beautiful job. On a side note, I tried to get into your class here in Adelaide, South Australia but sadly for me they are totally booked out :(.

Sandi Smith said...

Wow...that is Amazing!!!Love it!

Mandy's Magnolia cards said...

woooow what a wonderfull project!
greetings, Mandy

rebecca said...

this is absolutely STUNNING!!

Astrid Maclean said...

Brilliant, fantastic, fabulous, I run out of words to describe this piece, love it from every single angle. I so hope some your resin bits will be for sale in the UK soon, I love them and this is a super example of what to do with them!

Hannah Clark said...

Oh wow! I never would have thought to alter something like that! I just love it! So, so, so gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!

Minasverden said...

Nydelig,nydelig og lekkert.:)

Ayeeda said...

Amazing!!! I can't take my eyes of it! I love all the details!

Bast said...

You turned an old antique into an absolute treasure! This is just gorgeous. Thanx for sharing and thanx for the inspiration!


pattyo said...

You have turned this antique into a definite treasure no matter what it looked like before! You always have such amazing ideas!

True Colors said...

Perfeito !!!
Amei !!!
Parabéns !!!
Beijos Coloridos !!
Lu True Colors

Julie said...

Wow this is awesome I love it. I have an old grinder like this at home and may just attack it one day now.

Bonnie aka Cinnabon said...

simply beautiful! You work magic!

Mona E said...

Utrolig flott prosjekt, Ingvild. Du har gjort en flott distressing og de nye resin produktene er bare såååå lekre. Du har virkelig et godt øye for detaljer og denne kaffekverna ble bare helt utrolig lekker! Den nye kolleksjonen din ser kjempeflott ut og jeg gleder meg til den kommer ut i hobbybutikkene. Klem...Mona

Suzanne Brookfield said...

Hello Ingvild, I love looking at your blog. Your work is just beautiful. Please could you tell me the best place in the UK for sourcing your distressing tools please? Thank you.

PS. the coffee grinder is stunning just like everything else on your blog!

Stephi said...

wow, så underbar!!!!

joycekers said...

Amazing details Ingvild!

printed pens said...

What an incredible piece! I have an old grinder similar to this one, it was my grandfather 's vintage mixture. Now we saved it with glass frame and colored also.

Sonia said...

Hi Ingvild!
Amazing details look so beautiful!
Greetings from Puerto Rico.

Villa-loredana said...

Hello dear Ingvild, simply marvelous, fairy like me loves shabby. Loredana.

cardgirl said...

I realise it was done a while ago but just seen on Pinterest.
It is totally amazing!! So many details & such creativity! Colours are just beautiful, so delicate but still pack a punch! Shabby chic wonder! Thank you. Caroline :)

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