Sunday, August 14, 2011

More from USA and Canada

Hi all

How are you all? I'm sorry this post comes a bit later then planned, but here it is and I hope you will all enjoy some peeks into some of the Prima classes from the USA and Canada tour in July.

First up are some photos from the classes at Treasured Memories, the Canadian store in Edmonton which I blogged a bit about in the last post. This was the first store of two I visited in Canada, and we had two classes here, one project class and one layout class, and here are some pics of both of them;

Some nice ladies in the middle of the project class working with the Comfort-Craft Tools Distresser Tool.

And here another part of the class, lots of amazing ladies and they were all a pleasure to have in class, had so much fun!

And again, another group of sweet ladies, creating with Distresser Tool from my new tool line.

Close-up of one lady in the class creating with the Distressing Tool on the paper edges to create vintage edges.

And here one lady from the class creating distressed paper edges with the Metal Brush tool on the tip of the Distressing Tool.

A group picture of the project class, all so fun and sweet to have in class.

A "view" from the layout class at Treasured Memories.

And here a group picture from the layout class, a big group of amazing ladies!

This is just a quick tag I made to Treasured Memories of some scraps from my teaching kit.

And after two great days at Treasured Memories in Edmonton, the trip went to Scrapbooker's Paradise in South Calgary, Canada. 

Here is a over view picture from the first class at Scrapbooker's Paradise, the layout class. 

And the group of sweet ladies with their finish layout from the class!

And here all the nice ladies from the project class at Scrapbooker's Paradise.

After 5 great days in Canada and as a guest at Trisha and her family (thank you for taking so good care of me!), 4 days with teaching (2 in Edmonton and 2 in Calgary), the trip went all the way down to Florida in USA to teach at two stores there, Paper Niche and Everything Scrapbooks and Stamps!

This is the group of lovely ladies I had in the layout class at Paper Niche, and 3 of them came all the way up from Brazil to take the class! 

And here is the group of ladies from the project class at Paper Niche.

After teaching two classes at Paper Niche, I went to Everything Scrapbook's and Stamps in Florida to teach for the very last day on this great tour. Again I had two classes, and both of them an pleasure and honor to teach.

Here are all the fun ladies from the project class at Everything Scrapbooks and Stamps.

And, the layout class at the same store. Again, so many sweet ladies which was an honor to meet and to have in class.

It have been almost 3 amazing weeks "on the road" (on 15 planes ;O) ) where I met so many wonderful ladies. It has been a pure pleasure and honor to meet every single one of them and to have them in my classes, I feel so honored to have got this opportunity, to travel around and to meet so many wonderful scrappers in USA and Canada, and even all the way up from Brazil! Scrapbooking is an amazing craft that brings so many people together from around the world, and I am proud and happy to be a part of this craft and to have the opportunity to travel around and to meet and teach so many wonderful people! - Thank you to every one of you who I met on this tour and to all of you who took my classes, to make it all so extra special! I hope you had a great time too and maybe picked up something during the classes. Hope I will meet you all again one day soon!

And huge thanks to all the stores, Prima and Trisha who made this tour possible!!!

Wish you all a wonderful and creative year, and hope to see you all again soon!

HUGS and smiles :D


malin said...

Ser verkligen fram emot din kurs i Uddevalla!!!
Det är min 40års present från min far...bättre present kan man inte få!!

MezzaNotte said...

Intstämmer med Malin...
Ska bli så roligt att få gå din kurs nu i början på september!!

Kram Katja

Lizzyc said...

Bless you for spreading so much love through scrapbooking.. you are touching lives and hearts and creating beautiful memories.. wish i could be there too!!xx

KellyCreates said...

I had a wonderful time in your class in Edmonton, Ingvild, and can't wait for your new tools to arrive here. Glad to hear you've arrived safely home!

ESS said...

We had a fantastic time in Florida. All of the ladies enjoyed your classes so much. It was a dream come true for me to have you at our store. I hope you will teach for us again when you are next in the USA.
I hope you enjoyed the chocolate silk pie :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much - one of the things I will remember most is you saying chose flowers like they are a bouquet.

Panda said...

OMG, I want to be over there))))))))))))