Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some great days in Israel

Hi everyone. 
I am so sorry it has been a while since last time I posted in here, but September month is pretty busy with lots of traveling, so I have not been home much at all, and when I am, I feel that it is just to wash some clothes and to say "hi" to my family ;O) lol. 
This month started with a great trip to Sweden to teach at CountryScrap, then I had one weekend off before heading to beautiful Israel, which also what today's post is about. Then, last weekend I was in Belgium at Scraptastic, before I again already tomorrow will head to Tonsberg in Norway to teach a bunch of Norwegian girls at CASA event! But, those last events I have to blog about later, now first Israel before I have to start to pack before my plane leaves in 10 hours! ;O)
It was so nice to be invited to Israel by Alice at My Punch. Israel is for some reason a country I never thought I would ever visit, so it was extra nice to get this invitation and to go there and to see their beautiful country and to meet lots of sweet scrappers from there plus even some from Russia!
Israel is really beautiful, and very inspirational. They have the outer contrast in everything, especially religion, architecture, art, technology and so on. When looking at the buildings it is almost as looking at something like "back to the future", a fusion, a totally mix of very old buildings and new modern architecture. 
An old building with old and romantic window closers, with a modern skyscraper in the background.

A backyard with old apartments. Just look at the windows, the window closers, the clothes on a wire, and the washing machine standing outside with a cat cage on top of it. Loved to walk around and to find photographic motives as this!

The day after I arrived I headed out to the local antique market, bought some treasures, and took some pictures;
This market was so full of treasures you can't even believe it! I did buy a few things, but found many more. But unfortunately all the stores at the market closed before I managed to look around and to get back to buy what I found.

Yes, these stores was amazing, full of treasures for every scrapper and antique interest persons! ;O) If I had time, I could spend hours and hours in each store, for sure!

Some guys playing a game on the sidewalk in the old market.

This is a quick shot I took out of the window from a taxi when heading back to the hotel, it shows the area down at the sea, the outer part of Tel Aviv.

Now, Thursday morning, time for a class! Comfort-Craft Tools all lined up just waiting to be played with! ;O)

This is a bunch of sweet and talented ladies from the thursday layout class!

And here some fun and sweet ladies from the Friday class, where we created two projects!

They were all so sweet and wonderful, very talented ladies that it was an honor to meet and to have in my classes! I had some amazing days in Israel, and would had gone back there in a heart beat!

On Friday after the last class Alice took me out for dinner and to show me another part of the city, and this cute and probably homeless cat came up to us and begged for some food.

The cat sat beside us both for a while and was pretty relaxed and not afraid at all. And suddenly it couldn't resist the nice smell from the food anymore, so it "stole" Alice's lamb bone and ran away with it! Luckily Alice was done eating by that time... ;O)

It was a very beautiful area Alice showed me, and a great place to take more pictures. Just look at this cute little aqua colored house and the iron door, sign and bench! And again, don't miss the modern skyscraper in the background ;O)

A nice street with beautiful flowers hanging over... loved this area!

I had 4 amazing days down in Israel, and I am both proud and honored to have been there, for visiting their beautiful country and to meet such sweet scrappers!

Thank you Alice for inviting me, I really appreciate it and you and all of you who attended my classes gave me some memories I will never forget! Thank you every one of you!!! I sure hope I will see you girls again one day!

*Hugs and smiles*



einat109 said...

I'm glad to read that you loved your visit in Israel. Israel is a very unique and varied styles of construction, of course you've seen only a small part.
I attended your workshop in Belgium, and greatly enjoyed learning about your way to shape your beautiful pages with great talent.
I finished preparing the two pages are already in my blog.
Hope to attend your workshop again next year in Belgium.
Einat from Israel.

Janine K said...

Love the pictures from your trip!

Erna said...

You made some very beautifull pictures Ingvild.

Hugs Erna

Michal Shoval said...

I had a great time in classes, and I am glad that you enjoyed your time here!

Alice D said...

It was great pleasure to have you in Israel. Hope the next time you'll be here you will have more time to travel.

Hugs, Alice

Beatemor said...

Hei Ingvild. Tuusen takk for et herlig kurs i helga! Var såå kjekt å endelig treffe deg. Har fulgt bloggen din lenge og synes du er utrolig dyktig. Og så er det det med at Prima har jo bare de utroligste og flotteste scrappeproduktene da! Igjen - kjempespennende å endelig ha fått truffet deg og så artig å følge med på det du gjør. Ha en fin dag. Klem Beate

Steph Devlin said...

Ingvild, not long now and you will be in Australia. I am really looking forward to that hug !!!!!!!
Awesome photos of your teaching, if you need any help in your class in Adelaide, I would love to help.
See you soon sweets.
Steph xo

Ingela G said...

Vilka fantastiska bilder du har tagit. Vilka skillnader emellan husen! Otroligt! Älskar det lilla turkosa huset.
Ha det gott Ingela G

Kelly_Deal said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Lisa K said...

Oh you lucky thing - I have a very very good Israeli frined and I love seeing where he is from !!!
And what lucky women to get to scrap with you!!!

Carole said...

Ingvild, I love to visit here and see what you've been up to. You are a wonderful inspiration and I'm happy I found your site. The photos you shared and the markets you visited in Israel, wow ... so inviting and so many treasures. What fun to travel, explore and shop. Thanks so much Ingvild for sharing.

magicbrushset said...

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meine kreative Seite said...

Dear Ingvild I send you many kind greetings from Germany and wish you scrapigen on your tour jest Do you come to Germany sometime too Kind greetings Kerstin Schwebel alias Berli