Thursday, July 19, 2012

Layout with altered Prima "clock flower" - tutorial included!

Hi again all dear crafters.

Unfortunately my blog have been silent for so long now, that many of my layouts have not even been shown here yet. This layout "Proud girl in a New Dress" is one of those layouts...

This layout I made for the great French magazine Histoires de Pages who I do a bit freelance design work for. This time my job was to design something with clocks on, and so I did.

The large clock face is actually a large antique metal clock face from an old wall clock I found in a antique store in Canada last July. I just painted it a bit white, and stamped with a Prima Brick Wall stamp on it. Then I discovered that the beautiful swirly "Baroque" circle chipboard frame from Dusty Attic fitted perfectly around the clock as a frame.

Here are some close-ups of some details on this layout;

The birdbath on this image is from my Prima collection Shabby Chic Resin Treasures, "Birdbath".

More close-ups and details ;O)

Lots of clustered Prima flowers which I love so much!

Everything you can see on this image are goodies from Prima, except from the metal findings.

And finally, the close-up showing the large Prima altered "clock flower" which I made a tutorial on. And of course, the tutorial will follow below ;O)

I thought the huge old Prima flower could be perfect to design as a kind of steam punk clock, and so I did.

Altered "Clock Flower" Tutorial

To do this tutorial you need:
- a large flower. I used Maxi flower, which are flat and large, perfect for altering!
- Gesso or other similar art medium. 
- Clock gears or other metal parts. NEW clock gears from the Junkyard Findings at Prima!
- Coloring mediums as for example Glimmer Mist, spray ink, alcohol ink or my Chalk Edgers.
- Long clock hands. Here I can recommend my NEW "Clock Hands"from Junkyard Findings.
- Text stamps of single words, or just a cool pattern if you desire. 
- A brush for the mediums
- Heat Gun
- Ink for the stamping

1. First add thick layer of Gesso (or other white medium, for example white acrylic paint) into the center of the flower. Then drag thin touches of medium very randomly out trough the flower petals with easy brush strokes just to add white texture on top of the petal embossed edges. Make sure there are still enough medium in the center of the flower.

2. Then add the small metal embellishments you desire into the medium in the center of the flower before it dries. Make sure they are placed where you wish them to be, and brush very thin strokes of medium also on to the metal parts (randomly) so the color mediums easily can stick to them.
Then use heat gun and dry the medium almost dry.

3. When the white medium is almost dry, you can start coloring it after your desire. Here I chose to use colors that matches the color of the flower. You can also mix up lots of different mediums for special and exciting effects. Again you can use the easily heat gun to help the coloring mediums to dry.

4. When all mediums are dry and you are happy with the effect, you can stamp on the petals with your chosen stamps. Here I used 7Gypsies great stamp which has lots of wonderful single words on.

5. When you have stamped on the flowers, you can add on the long clock hands. They can easily be mounted in the center with a brad trough the flower, or if there are metal embellishments there making this impossible, you can just glue down the back of the clock hands to the metal with the brad going trough the holes to stabilize it all.

Now the flower is ready to be used! 

I hope you liked todays post and my tutorial. And if you're going to do this easy tutorial, I wold love to hear from you by leaving me a comment and a link to your work so I can jump in and see how you work! 

Good luck everyone who will try out this tutorial, and have a wonderful creative summer everyone! Thank you so much for your visit today.

*hugs and smiles*


Geni said...



TFS, Ingvild! You are very innovative :)

Filharmonica said...

Lekkert!!! Utrolig hva man kan gjøre av en enkel blomst, og LOen din er bare nyyyyydelig :-)) Ha en fin dag!

Riet said...

This is so wonderful.

Hugs Riet.xx

Romy said...

Wow, this is such a stunning layout! I love how whimsical it looks.

zanka12 said...

It's breathtaking! You are back with an impressive style!!!

Today for Tomorrow said...

Stunning - absolutely beautiful and thank you for the tutorial.

Drycha said...

very nice idea with this flower!!! :) stunning LO :)

Oliwiaen said...

This flower clock is so inspiring, I can;t wait to try it too :-)
Gorgeous page!

Виктория said...

Ingvild, you are simply the best! I like your layouts very much! How many details! Your daugter is superstar!

Jolanda said...

It´s gorgeous! Love all the layers and texture en that sweet sweet photo!

Carambolka said...

So beautiful! And I like this clock flower!

pattyo said...

Breathtaking! Love the clock flower!

Sylvia said...

Amazing layout! Love all the details. Thanks for the tutorial, I am definitely gonna do this one!

Brenda said...

Stunning page!!Love everything in it!!

Astrid Zwaan said...

This is Stunning Ingvild.....I love those maxi flowers from PM. Do you know if they still sell those maxi flower.
Thanks for the tutorial.

marijke said...

oooooooh wow this is so gorgeous, I have placet it in my pinterest site zo everyone can find it

Marley said...

So gorgeous! Love the new prima products.. hugs Marley

Sonya said...

Thank you for the tutorial.Very kind of you to share your 'cleverness' that a word, lol with us.

kleintjie said...

Hi Ingvild,this is breathtaking! Your layout aswell as the colours are awesome! The little girl just belong the! Thanks for the tutorial. Blessings!

Oss to! said...

Dette var en utrolig god ide! Og LO'en er fantastisk! :)

lady e said...

so Beautiful!

Elaine said...

You are so creative Ingvild this is stunning work , what a beautiful layout too, and filled with loveliness well done hugs Elaine

Lynne said...

Absolutely stunning work ingvild. What a very clever talented lady. I just love your work. I wish you would come to new Zealand sometime soon.

Lynne said...

Absolutely stunning work ingvild. What a very clever talented lady. I just love your work. I wish you would come to new Zealand sometime soon.

Lynne said...

Absolutely stunning work ingvild. What a very clever talented lady. I just love your work. I wish you would come to new Zealand sometime soon.

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