Thursday, September 20, 2012

Check out tomorrow!

Hi everyone.

So glad to see you checking back in.
You are maybe looking for who the winner for the huge giveaway is? Well, I know it were announced to be shared earlier, but the response to the giveaway were simply overwhelming, many many more participators then I ever dreamed of! And maybe you can imagine that it takes time to check in on almost 700 blogs! *wow* So I needed more time to do that then the time I had set aside for this, and since then I've been pretty busy with different deadlines and not been much with my Mac at all.

I can promise you that even though it took a bit more time to get back to you all then first announced, every one of you who joined the draw were "in the bucket" with a ticket. So if you had your blog post/share for this giveaway down through these last days, please don't worry, you were in as everyone else who joined.

I will also let you know that the winner is ready, but you have to wait one more day to find out who it is ;O) It will be announced in here tomorrow, together with one additional winner of a little extra surprise! The additional draw is between all of you who already joined the giveaway. Also, there will be posted one extra giveaway, another chance for each one of you to join, no matter if you have joined before or not. So please check back in tomorrow for updates! ;O)

I will also like to remind you of my Facebook profile here. Please click "Like" to follow my updates.
I often share news earlier in there, so please make sure you drop in. Will be looking forward to see you in there.

Have a wonderful evening!

*hugs and smiles*


Elaine said...

Hi Ingvild , ooh poor you! having to look at over 700 blogs, you must be exhausted.
Cannot wait to see more of your beautiful creations, now that you are back.
Big Hugs Elaine

Vivi Morais said...

Hi... I'll be here tomorow!!!

And I hope to win this prize!!


Amy Voorthuis said...

Hi Ingvild, I'm so glad to hear from you ......thought something bad happend!! those are a lot of blogs to go trough hope you still had a great time doing so! I will be back tomorrow have a great day xox Amy :)

lady e said...

Hi, good to 'see' you back :)
Have a nice day!
Lady E

butterfly said...

Hi Ingvild, relieved to hear from you - was starting to be a little bit worried that something horrid had happened... but then, I should think going through 700 blogs was quite a trial!! I would love to be able to LIKE and visit you on Facebook, but I'm determined not to give in to Facebooking... so I shall just have to LOVE your work from here!!
Alison x

loulou said...

OMG 700 blogs, you have been busy! Great to see you back, cheers Linda

Виктория said...

O,it's hard work! Huge giveaway - huge quantity comments! We are will wait!

Guri said...

Da venter vi i spenning til fredag :)

morkaren said...

Det har da været noget af et arbejde, jeg var sikker på jeg havde overset hvem der vant, så i går slettede jeg dit logo, så det var da ærgerligt. knus morkaren.

Kate said...

Wow thats a whole lot of blog hopping. Good luck with that xxx

pattyo said...

Oh my! The suspense is killing me! Although I know my chances are slim, someone does have to win. Can't wait to find out who the lucky person is (maybe even me!).

pattyo said...

Oh my! The suspense is killing me! Although I know my chances are slim, someone does have to win. Can't wait to find out who the lucky person is (maybe even me!).

Athanasia said...

Good luck everyone!
P.S. Love your FB page!

Sylvia said...

one more day won't kill us, take your time (OMG 700 blogs!!)

Marley said...

allready said it on facebook but im just glad you are back and nothing has happend.. 700blogs WOW! But your blog is amazing so actually im not suprised! Bigs Hugs, Marley

Fleur said...

OMG! 700 blogs - you are a hero! Congrats to such huge number of participants! Happy to become your Facebook follower)

Paula F.P. Simionato said...

Ohh wow congratulations for the 7oo entrances, it´s really amizing, an I am extremely courious and I want to be the´s check tomorrow...xx

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

Well Hello and welcome back.
I feel for you having to go through so many blogs, I bet your eyes were hurting after that lot! LOL!!
Thank you so much for sharing, I do hope you will be back with crafting again soon too.
Hugs Linda x

Paula F.P. Simionato said...

Congratulaations to all you ladies... Fabi sortuda...bjks

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