Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Make your own shabby chic background - tutorial

Hi all dear blog visitors.

Today I would like to share a layout I made to the great French magazine Histoires de Pages, and the tutorial on how to make the background on this layout.
"Heritage Memories of my Beautiful Grandmother" is a layout with a photo of my grandmother from probably around 1950. Because of the vintage photo, I also went for a vintage and romantic style, or what we often call Shabby Chic. I used lots of Prima products, and also some beautiful chipboard pieces, the fence and the mannequin, from Dusty Attic.

Here are the layout as a finish piece;

And some close-ups;

Above: Here you can see the effects of the background techniques. I also used Shabby Chic Resin Treasures "Birdbath" where I colored the small birds brown with Chalk Edgers. The window is a Shabby Chic Resin Treasure "Miniature Windows" with Shabby Chic Resin Treasures "Window Closers". These I just kept white as they are designed in package.

Above; The square window from this resin "Mini Windows" collection is the one used on the project.

Above; These small "Window Closers" are the ones used together with the resin window.

Above; The Prima stickers alphabet I first added to a sheet of cardstock as I wished them to be lined up, then used my Comfort-Craft Tool "Craft Knife" to cut out the word with a white edge around to make it pop up a bit from the background. The garden bench and birdbath are both resins from the Shabby Chic Resin Treasure collection, and again I chose to use them white as they original are designed. 

Above; The "Birdbath" resin used on this layout. The small birds I quickly and easily colored brown using Chalk Edgers.

Above; "Garden Fittings" resins, showing the garden bench I used on this layout.

And then over to the background ;O)

Tutorial on how to make your own shabby chic background!

This tutorial shows how I made the background on the layout shown above.
This tutorial can also of course be used on all styles, not only shabby chic. All you have to do is to choose patterns, designs and colors after desire for the style you wish to scrap in.

This is what you need for all the steps:
- 2 sheet different pattern paper
- 1 sheet plain cardstock
- pieces of lace curtains or cloth (or lace trims)
- Chalk Edgers in chosen colors that fit your planned project
- Liquid glue that dries quick
- Paper napkins with pattern/text as desired
- A brush
- Claudine Hellmuth Gesso medium (you can also use white acrylic paint, depending on the quality of the paint. Here you just have to try out if what you have works)
- Stamps with pattern/design after desire. If clear stamp, you also probably need a acrylic block.
- Pieces of newspaper sheets or notepaper sheets (optional)
- Wet wipes

Tip before you begin; take a look at the final image to see suggestion for the amount added of every product or material before finishing up each step.

Step 1: Choose a pattern paper for the first background layer that can cover the whole background. Then find a plain (suggested) cardstock. Decide which set-up you wish to go for, and tear up the cardstock to fit to this set-up. Keep the outer edges straight and plain, but tear for hand the inner edges.
When the cardstock is in position, glue down the outer edges but still keep the inner edges a bit foldable. Find some pieces from some old lace curtains or cloth (you can also use different laces), and add pieced of it underneath the foldable edge of the cardstock. 

Step 2. Color the cardstock edges for a vintage look. I used my Chalk Edgers on the edges as shown above. Dark Rust, Rusty Bucket, Branch Bark, Dark Bark, Knotted Wood, Dry Sand and so on are samples on colors perfect for this. (Just remember to add the color with smooth strokes, be easy on hand to not get too hard effects. It is always better to start a bit carefully and add more if desired.) You can also mix up colors for a natural look, they all blends easily together and dries pretty quickly. Since there are greens in this layout and on the background paper, I decided to also use green on the cardstock edge combined with the brown, so I added "Olive Vine" chalk on too.
When the cardstock edge is as you wish, you can glue down the lace and the cardstock edges.

Step 3. Find some paper napkins with nice design on that you would like to use. Remove the bottom layers of the napkin so you are left with the top thin layer with the print on. Choose randomly parts of the design you would like to use and tear them out for hand, then place them down to your project where you wish the pieces to be. 
Add a bit Gesso to your brush and start to "paint" smoothly on the napkin pieces with thin layer that covers the pieces just enough to stick them down and "whitewash" the design to it looks vintage and soft, but where the design still shines trough. On the image above here you can see the napkin piece up on right side showing how it looks without anything on, and the bottom piece showing how it looks with a thin layer of Gesso on. The amount of Gesso can easily be adjusted with Wet Wipes before it dries. (Please note: there are huge difference between brands. Please pick a brand where the wipes has a thick quality and are wet enough. Personally I prefer Pampers when using wet wipes as a part of the techniques). Do this with all your napkin pieces.

Step 4. Find one (or more) stamp with a design that you think would work to your project. If you use clear stamp, add it to a acrylic block if necessary.
Add ink to it with randomly touches. Here I usually use Chalk Edgers, because they are really handy to use on stamps to get the perfect amount of fluid. You can also easily control exact where on the stamp you wish to add fluid (some techniques demands to not cover the whole stamp with fluid), and the chalk fluid in the Chalk Edgers adds a perfect layer of fluid even on clear stamps! (Some ink fluids often leaves small drops of fluid on the acrylic stamp instead of a fine layer covering the chosen areas). 
With the Chalk Edgers it is also very easy to mix up colors on the stamp before stamping. I used Dark Rust and Rusty Bucket together this time. 
When you add the fluid, try to add it randomly with an easy hand, and try to avoid adding fluid all the way out to the edge of the stamp. Like this you will not get the hard straight edges of stamped design where you clearly can see where the stamped design ends, but a smooth edge fading into the background. 
Another tip of what I usually do, is to add normal amount of fluid on the center of the stamp. Then easier and easier touches as more out to the edge of the stamp I get, and stop adding fluid before I reach the edge. When you then stamp the design, you will get a smooth design that is strong in the center and all edges are fading out on your project without any hard dominating edges.

Step 5. Stamp down the stamp so the design fades into the rest of the layers and your chosen set-up on the background. Here you can see the stamped design as vintage script on the center of the layout.

Step 6. Find your 2nd chosen pattern paper. Decide where you wish it to cover, and tear of the needed piece with your hand. Keep the outer edges straight and clean, tear the inner edges randomly as sample above (right green paper). I went for a pattern paper with very soft design to not disturb the set-up and effect of the techniques too much. The negative space effect this soft pattern paper gives helps me get the balance on the design that I wish to get. 
Place the teared paper piece down and glue down the outer edges. Color the edges where you teared the paper with for example Chalk Edgers, just as you did with the cardstock edges. Then glue all edges down.

Step 7. On the last pattern paper added you can continue to stamp on with one or more stamps in different designs. Above here you can see that I stamped on this one on the edges, before I glued down more layers of different materials. You can for example tear up small pieces of lace to glue down, and small pieces of old newspaper sheets or different pattern papers. The newspapers sheets and pattern papers you can whitewash with Gesso as we did on step 3 with the napkin. 
When all layers are glued down and whitewashed, you can add small touches of chalk fluid with Chalk Edgers for the final result. Here I used Olive Vine again for more touches of green.

Step 8. Above here you can see the detailed effects of the different layers and techniques. I also curled up the paper corner and some edges with my hand and added darker brown Chalk Edgers on the inside of the curled up edges.

The final result of the tutorial: And this is how my background looked like after all the steps from this tutorial before I started to add embellishments on. You can see lots of pieces of napkins on the left side, combined with different stamped designs. On the right side I stamped on with a different design, then added more lace plus newspaper sheet pieces and another design from a napkin before a last layer of lace curtain.

This is my result of this fun way of playing with different materials. Now I hope you will enjoy playing too, and good luck! ;O)

Hugs and smiles ;O)


Zlyuka said...


Ava Gavloski said...

thanks for sharing the tutorial for a textured background. I have a card challenge that calls for texture and I am now inspired to get to it!!! thanks
ava g

Rebecca " The miss Haven " said...

You're the absolute queen of textured background !!!! ;) Tfs !
Hugs Rebecca

morkaren said...

Hvor er det skønt, og gennemført, mange fine detaljer og din bedstemor ser sød ud. knus morkaren.

Lee-Anne said...

Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! I am going to give it a try.

Scrap2day said...

Gorgeous! Thanks so much for the tutorial!
And while I am here...I thought I'd let you know..I am in love with your new Shabby Chic Treasures and Junkyard Findings lol..I almost have every single one!
And.... your chalk inks are insane! So much better than what I used to use! I now have 11 colors and will not stop until I have them all! You have become one of my favorite lines in the past year!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!! Love your work!

pattyo said...

Gorgeous layout, Ingvild! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

Therese said...

For en fantastisk LO! Mye flott å se her i bloggen din! :)

paperpapier said...

thank you for sharing such an invaluable technique...!! awesome layout!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Beautiful background! Thanks for the tutorial!

Today for Tomorrow said...

Thank you so much for the background tutorial. It is wonderful to see 'behind the scenes'. Very inspiring and keen to give it a go. So enjoying your blog and FB updates.

Susanne said...

Underbart vackert... tack söta du för den härliga tutorialen...Ha en fin dag!!! Kramizar Susanne

Bente Fagerberg said...

Hei Ingvild. Så super duper fin bakgrunnen ble. Utrolig hva man kan få til med litt kreativitet og fingerferdighet. Bare helt nyyydelig! Likte også godt lo'en som jeg tror jeg såg i Histoire de Pages i sommer når vi var i Frankrike..
Takk for all inspirasjon!!

Linda (Lindyloo) said...

A fabulous layout and a very instructive tutorial. Many thanks for taking the time to explain this technique so clearly.
Hugs Linda

Pendra said...

Beautiful shabby background and wonderful tutorial! Thanks for sharing how you do, what you do!
Crafty Hugs,

Grenouille Greetings said...

Your layout is sublime! I just LOVE all of the amazing detail. Your tutorial is also very helpful. It's great to see how to achieve these techniques. Lovely! Hugs, Lesley

bluebells said...

Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial for a textured background, it's a gorgeous page !

Marley said...

lovely tutorial and a gorgeous layout! hugsMarley

Siv Anita ´s scrappebenk said...

Utrulig så mye kult du gjør med Lo ene dine , du e bare goe å kreativ som kommer på alt det flotte du lager :) er snop for øyet :)

Tracie Dean said...

Gorgeous!! Thank you for the steps. I have not thought of using napkins before.....wonderful idea!!

Zeneva said...

Thankyou so much for this tutorial. Sharing your knowledge is very generous of you. I'm looking forward to trying this!

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