Monday, October 8, 2012

Some shares

Good Monday all dear blog readers

Trough my passion and work within this wonderful craft, I often come across some amazingly talented artists and inspiring works, and lots of great experiences that I truly appreciate and never will forget.

In July I had one of these great experiences when I were so honored to be Scrappehuset's guest, a great inspirational Norwegian site! Thank you so much Scrappehuset for this wonderful opportunity, I loved to be your guest!
I were invited to give a challenge to the readers where everyone could join, and I were asked to pick a winner from all the participators. And wow, that was such a hard job to choose from all the amazing works that came in! Your can check out the challenge I gave them and my sample works here.

As mentioned, it was a really hard pick to find just one winner, but in the end my chose was this beautiful page from Arnlaug Koppang;

Arnlaug's work really deserved to win, she followed the challenge in every way and used so many creative and wonderful products and techniques. But there was also so many other beautiful works and I would really love to share them all in here, but I only managed to get hold of four of them to get their agreements to share their works in my blog, so here they are;

Wonderful works, right? Thank you to all of you girls to let me share your wonderful works in my blog, truly appreciate it!

Scrappehuset's challenges has some rules that has to be followed for every single challenge. Unfortunately there was some that were unable to join the challenge due to this, but still shared their amazing works. And I am truly glad they did, because it gives us the opportunity to discover some amazing talents around the world. And one girl really got my attention, I just felled in love with her work, her style is just amazing! I really wish to introduce her to all of you here in my blog today. Her name is Anupama and comes from India!

Please take a look at this beautiful layout from Anupama;

I just LOVE her style, her use of negative spaces, her use of colors and her use of "scraps" of different materials. So creative, and just perfectly mixed up together to a beautiful design!

Please make sure to drop by Anupama's blog Scrapbooks from India and see more of her beautiful works here! Her blog is in general very inspirational and she post a lot of wonderful posts with great photos and ideas. Her love to her beautiful family and her beautiful home country India really shines trough in both her works and her blog. It is truly worth the time to visit her blog often, I am sure you all will like what you will find in there. I personally love when we can visit blogs around the world and find something that is different from everything else, that shows us a bit from their home country, a "peek into their world" trough their shares in their blog. That makes paper craft so extra valuable, to share and to see, to be able to "travel around the world" trough blog jumping within this wonderful craft community, and to "feel" a bit of all the different countries out there trough everyones art and shares. Because each artist are so different, and sometimes you can find artists that keeps traces of their country's traditions in their art. And that is what I really feel Anupama does. Beside really great works, we also can feel the atmosphere from India, I can almost hear the Indian music and the smells from her country in her blog! Love it!

Thank you all of your for your time and to let me share all these wonderful works today, and once again a special thanks to Scrappehuset for having me as their guest and to all the great designers who let me share their beautiful works today to make this blog post possible!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

*hugs and smiles*


Amy Voorthuis said...

Hi Ingvild, you are so right there all very talented love you've showed them to us !!! Have a great day hugs Amy :)

Torill said...

Tusen takk for fine ord, Ingvild!
Koselig at du viste disse flotte LOene!
Stor klem

morkaren said...

Åee, det øverste LO, hvilken eventyrstemning du har tryllet frem. knus morkaren.

Erin Blegen said...

Definitely a ton of talent- thanks so much for sharing!


Arnlaug said...

Tuuusen takk for fine ord og tonnevis med inspirasjon! Hadde aldri kommet på og laga ein slik lo uten det:-)

Vibeke said...

Takker og bukker for hyggelige ord. Takk for inspirasjonen du gir:)

pattyo said...

Wonderful projects!


I can't tell you what this means to me, Ingvild. You are the reason I started scrapbooking in the first place. Thank you, thank you, thank you :))))))))))))))

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Keren Tamir said...

Wow this is some amazing talent!! Anupama is truly talented and deserves the praise!! Ingvild you are a true inspiration and a very talented artist!! thank you for sharing your work and products with us!!

Today for Tomorrow said...

Thank you for sharing these inspirational works. I agree, Anupama is an amazing artist. I just discovered her this week when she left a comment on one of my pages. Thank you again.

Eila Sandberg said...

What beautiful reading Ingvild, thank you so much for sharing these amazing pages with us!
An extra warm shout out to Arnlaug, really so well done! it is a truly beautiful page you have created sweetie!
I have followed Anu from the very start and am so so proud to see her page here on your blog. Such a wonderful moment!!
Tack för all underbar inspiration vännen Ingvild, alltid lika fantastiskt att komma på besök!! KLEM