Sunday, December 23, 2012

Please welcome our 5th Blog Guest Designer!

Hi all dear blog visitors. Please welcome the 5th Blog Guest Designer, a very talented designer from Ukraine! 
My name is Lyudmila Kruchinina. I live in Kramatorsk, Ukraine. My parents are miners but my field is mechanical engineering). Scrapbooking has become a part of my life – almost every day I need to create. I find inspiration in my 3 year old daughter, so my creations are soft and tender. Most of my cards are made in the style of shabby chic.

 When did you discover paper craft, and why do you still create within this craft? I discovered paper craft two years ago. I read a lot of blogs, I viewed a lot of cards and layouts but I didn’t know where to buy this beautiful paper, flowers… But I knew that I have to find them and to create, create, create! I tried to make my first card and now I can’t stop. In my cards there are my dreams, my emotions, every card has a little story). It’s really a part of my life, a part of me! 
Where do you find inspiration to your work? My main inspirer is my princess Catherine. Her smile is what I live for. Also I can find inspiration in old books, in a cup of coffee… Oooh… in scrap stores)) and scrap blogs. Where, when and how do you prefer to have it when you create? Alone in the night) And sometimes together with my daughter – she can make so funny cards! How does your scrap place usually look like? There is everything but order. My own scrap room is my dream. Now my work space is a big table and there are materials, tools, notebook, sometimes and our cat on it. Do you have any favorite Prima – Ingvild Bolme line products? Yes of course!!! It’s the shabby chic treasures! They’re so cute! I use them al-most in every my creation.Above; I have to say that I just LOVE Lyudmila's amazing cards, her style is just wonderful and unique, and her love for the Shabby Chic Treasures really shines trough. Here she used the Shabby Chic Resin Treasures "Window Closers" and Shabby Chic Metal Treasures "Bird Cages".
Above; The Shabby chic Resin Treasures "Window Closers" which are used on the beautiful card above.

Above; I totally adore this Christmas tree that she made as a picture frame with a picture of this beautiful child! And look how she used the Shabby Chic Resin Treasure "Ceiling Ornament" as a Christmas Tree foot! How clever!!!

Above; A close-up showing the Shabby Chic Resin Treasure corners capturing the beautiful photo of her child.

Above; The backside of the Christmas Tree is so beautifully decorated too, with Junkyard Findings "Clock Face", some snow flakes, buttons and a bow. 
Above; The "Ceiling Ornaments" from the Shabby Chic Resin Treasures that Lyudmila used as a foot for the Christmas Tree! Just love that idea! Here you can also see the corners she used around the photo of her adorable child.

Above; A stunning winter card with the title "HOPE", beautifully decorated with a christmas tree and some Junkyard findings "Clock Faces" and in beautiful winter colors.

Above; Junkyard Findings "Clock Faces", the white clock faces Lyudmila used on her stunning projects!

Above; Another stunning winter card from Lyudmila. This time she used a "Miniature Window" from the Shabby Chic Resin Treasures on the front of the card, really beautiful.

Above; A beautiful shabby chic card. Look at the beautiful little girl placed above the clock face; creative and stunning!

Thank you SO MUCH Lyudmila for sharing these wonderful pieces of art with all of us, it's truly an honor to have you here as one of my guests! Your works are truly inspiring, just stunning!

And thank you to all of you for dropping in, I hope you all enjoyed my gusts works as much as I do. Please also make sure to drop by Lyudmila's blog here to view more of her stunning works and to learn to know her a bit more. And don't forget to leave her some love! ;O)

I also wish to use this opportunity to wish each on of you a 
Happy Merry Christmas!
Hope you will all have some wonderful holidays, all the best wishes to all of you! 

Above; Our daughter Iselina (6) and our cat Spooky and our Dalmatian puppy Minnie.

Thanks again to all of you for your visit!


Lyudmila said...

Thank you sooooo much!!!

Carmen said...

Thank you! And, WOW, that's a big cat!!

Carmen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pendra said...

Wow, Lyudmila's cards are so beautiful and the Christmas Tree frame is amazing...thanks for sharing her gorgeous work! Your daughter is soooo pretty and I adore the pic with your pets...just like our children! Merry Christmas!
Holiday Hugs,

Lou Collins said...

Absolutely beautiful work, and mso glad you are feeling better and blogging again :-) Hoeyou have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xx

Pascale b. said...

Gorgious !! Merry Christmas to you...
Kisses from France.
Pascale b.

pattyo said...

Lyudmila's work is so beautiful! Love it! (I couldn't read the interview because it came up one letter at a time down the side.) Merry Christmas to you and your family. The photo of your daughter and the pets is beautiful, too.

Romy said...

Wow, your work looks turly gorgeous! Thank you so much for snowing!

Have a very merry Christmas :)

Kitika said...

OOO gosh, this is simply stunning!!!
Lyuda, I love the way you use Shabby Chic Resin Treasures, and intermingle other embellishments amongst them. Your work is exquisite!

Hera said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Lyudmila's style is gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing with us!
And I wish you all a very Happy New Year, full of love and health!
Hera Sugitani

Ann Bright said...

from Mechanical engineering to scrapbooking, is there is any relationship in between these two contrast fields? Anyway, its really interesting to see anyone from Mech Engg background coming up with such a wonderful designs.. Keep it up..

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