Sunday, December 2, 2012

The 4th amazing blog guest!

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Hi all. 
Please welcome the 4th Blog Guest Designer, the amazing Tomoko Takahashi! Please tell a little bit about yourself Tomoko:

My name is Tomoko Takahashi and I live in Osaka, Japan. I am a lucky mother to a 4 year old girl. I started scrapbook in Mar. 2009 and I've loved it ever since. I love to use gentle colored paints and mists on my pages to create soft and feminine styles but I also love to use bold and vintage style every now and then. My inspiration comes from beautiful products and lovely pictures of my precious daughter.

When did you discover paper craft, and why do you still create within this craft? 
I discovered scrapbook when I first went to my friend's house and saw so many gorgeous layouts hanging on her wall. I was in love at the instant and was dying to create a layout for my daughter. That was in Mar. 2009, and I never knew that I will be so addicted to scrapbook!! lol. Because first I was only thinking of making 2 or 3 layouts that I can decorate my room. It has been 3 and half years since I started, and scrapbook is now part of my life. I love how projects can be one of your interior, but not only an interior..... a storyteller of your memories.

Where do you find inspiration to your work?
My inspiration comes from everywhere I think! Seeing beautiful products, seeing patterns of walls, streets, colors from magazines and stores.
But my most inspiration is I have to say my lovely daughter and the time spent with her.

Where, and when do you prefer to create, and how do you prefer to have it around you?
Alone, quite, at night time:)
And when I'm not
I have been working full time, so I feel so sleepy at night times, so I create projects on weekends which makes me concentrate on my creations more.

How does your scrap place usually look like?
My scrap place is not pretty like other peoples room. It's 100% Japanese style with tatami floor (this is a Japanese style floor).
But it is full with my creations on the floor and table, and I look at them while I'm creating something new. This makes me so happy.

Do you have any favorite Prima – Ingvild Bolme line products?
The corine flowers and the shabby chic treasures!!!!
I love how they can go so well with many kinds of styles. Shabby chic or really vintage projects, which I both love!! And I still have a lot of Ingvild's embellishments and cant wait to make more creations with them.

Thank you so much Tomoko for sharing a bit of yourself with all of us.
Now we will rest our eyes on your amazing creations;

Enjoy Moments
Above; Tomoko's style is rich and often has a wonderful mix of beautiful colors and lots of great little details. This layout really shows her beautiful style, a piece of art you can look at forever and always discover something new. 

Above; Tomoko used the Shabby Chic Resin Treasures "Angel Wings" as some of her embellishments on her layout. She colored the white heart brown and added glitter to it, before mounting it all together on a piece of chipboard in matching color and style; simply stunning!

Above; The Shabby Chic Resin Treasures "Angel Wings" that Tomoko used on her layout above.

Above; A soft and just stunning layout from Tomoko with a photo that just leaves me totally speechless! Look at her wonderful use of different pastel colors and different nature inspired embellishments. Just stunning! 

Above; Tomoko added a Shabby Chic Metal Treasures "Baroque" frame to her wonderful layout for an extra shabby chic touch. Inside of the frame she so creatively decorated with different embellishments and techniques. Wonderful touches!

Above; Shabby Chic Metal Treasures "Baroque" which includes the metal frame Tomoko used on her layout.

Above; This sweet pink layout with layers and layers of paper, laces and different embellishments again also has a Shabby Chic Resin Treasure on. Tomoko's love for the Shabby Chic Treasures really shines trough on her works. Here she used the garden bridge from "Garden Fittings". Beautiful work once again!

Above: A close-up showing the white garden bridge resin in between tons of beautiful details, all put together so perfectly by Tomoko.

Above; The Shabby Chic Resin Treasures "Garden Fittings" which contains the white garden bridge Tomoko used on her beautiful layout above.

Above; A totally stunning designed circle shaped layout by Tomoko. Wonderful colors and a perfect set-up on a circle-shaped background design created a piece of art! I simply love many of the paper techniques Tomoko used creating this wonderful layout, and the branch and flower cluster she placed the white resin bird in. 

Above; The "Small Birds" resins which contains the white little sparrow Tomoko used on her wonderful circle shaped layout above.

Above; One thing that always impresses me with Tomoko's works are the amazing photos on all her layouts, and this layout is no exception! What a moment she captured here, and all the happy colors and fun details really build up underneath the joy and happiness in the photo and strengthens its story and impression - one again a wonderful piece of art! Again you can see traces of the Shabby Chic Treasures collections on her work, this time the white metal bird cage with the cute pink colored hearts.

Thank you so much Tomoko for being my guest and for sharing your amazing works and a little bit about yourself with all of us! It's truly an honor to have you as a guest, THANK YOU Tomoko!

And thank you to all of you who dropped by today and took your time to check out my 4th and wonderful guest. Please also make sure you drop by Tomoko's blog here to see more of her amazing works!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend further and a wonderful Christmas month filled with lots of love and happiness! 

Take care all!


maggiescontroledchaos said...

I love Tomika's style! The softness of colors and the beautiful layers! Gorgeous work! Hugs!

Patricia said...

Always inspiring to look at Tomoko's fun and colourful creations! And isn't her daughter just a little peach! I am enjoying all this guest scrappers Ingvild...such a clever idea!

Romy said...

I love, love, love Tomoko's work! So excited to see her featured here :)

Grenouille Greetings said...

Wow! What a talent! Hugs, Lesley

pattyo said...

Tomoko's work is always fabulous! So happy to see her featured here.

cvanholstein said...
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cvanholstein said...

Amazing work, Tomoko is a great artist!
Kind regards, Corina

Shona said...

amazing creation Tomoko...yummy

Hera said...

Tomoko's art is gorgeous!!! Love the colors, the style... everything! kisses with love...

MarĂ­lia Lopes said...

Wow! What a talent!