Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Back blogging!

Hi all my dear blog visitors.

Finally I am back here, digging trough all the dust to share a new post, the next Blog Guest Designer! But that will be shared later today. First I wish to apologize for all the silence and for all promised blog posts I am delayed on. If you have been one of my followers on Facebook you might have noticed that I had some problems with blogger/HTML/Mac/browser causing long empty spaces in my blog posts when reading from Explorer, making each post almost impossible to read. I have been trying for a while to solve the problem, but were unable to do so. I decided to hold all planned posts until I were able to fix the problem, wishing each post to be readable for all you blog visitors, no matter which browser you are using.
After being sick for 3 weeks, I finally this weekend started to work on my new iMac and downloaded several different browsers (which was not possible on my old MacBook), and THINK I have finally solved the problem and are ready to start sharing posts again ;O)  
I am truly sorry this took so long, but I wished each post to be readable and most importantly each guest to be presented as deserved.

It's going to be a long day and night in studio, so I took a little walk with my Canon earlier today to get some fresh air first. Here is a little share from my walk, hope you like it ;O)

Its from the fjord right where I grew up, Hafrsfjord by Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. Cold with ice on the fjord but not a single cloud on the sky. Beautiful day just as we like it! ;O)

Don't forget to drop in later today to check out who my next guest is! 

Hugs and smiles

PS; please leave me a note if you get these unnatural long spaces between images splitting up words and making it hard to read trough the post. Thank you so much in advance. 


pattyo said...

Glad to see you're back! What a beautiful photo!

Panda said...

Nice to see you're back!!!

Patricia said...

I would stay outside all day with a view like this!!! Missed you and hope to see more of you in future!!!

Betsy said...

Gorgeous scenery! Looks like an imaginary place, it's so pretty!

KmoRakefet said...

Hi. I am happy I've found your blog since I will be visiting Norway and it's nice to learn something about a norweigen (spelling sorry) I noe it sounds abit funny but since I scrap too we also have a mutual hobby. Have a nice day.

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