Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun chicken eggs - Happy Easter!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter.

I usually don't make much Easter decorations, but this year I made some chickens in eggs that I had loads of fun while creating them! Now I wish to share these with you all, so here they are;

Fun chickens in eggs
Above: Three fun chickens are trying their best to get out of their eggs. Maybe they could had better luck and an more easy arrival to this world ;)

Above; This chicken didn't succeed very well on his first try to get out of his egg. Maybe you can see in his eyes that he's wondering how on earth "this" happened, and how he shall continue? 

Above; This little guy managed to get the wings and legs out the right direction, but still have to figure out how to manage the rest...

Above; This chicken almost got it right so far, if he just hadn't been upside-down...

I know I am a bit late on sharing this, but I would like to show you how I made those chicken legs. Maybe you can give it a try to next Easter? ;)

Here is what you need for 3 sets of legs plus the eggs: 
- 3 pipe cleaners
- scissor
- orange acrylic paint
- Chalk Edgers - Attic Dust, Shabby Tote or Pastel Brown.
- Chalk Edgers - in a brown/grey/dark color
- hot glue gun
- 3 eggs
- Multi medium - f.eks Claudine Hellmuth Studio multi-medium (artsy gel glue)
- pen/pencil
- medium thin brush
- white acrylic paint or Gesso
- yellow feathers (or white ones and Chalk Edgers "Coltsfoot Petals" to color them yellow)
- Prima Crystal centers (for eyes)
- piece of cardstock

Step 1:
Above: Cut pipe cleaners in lengths as shown above. This is for each leg.

Step 2:
Above: Twist the 5cm strip and the 3.5 cm strip together as shown here.

Step 3:
Above:Cut of the hair of the 2.5 cm strip on about 1/3rd part as shown on this image.

Step 4:
Above: Twist the 2.5 cm strip around the other part where shown on this image. Then bend the foot where shown on image. 

Step 5:
Above: Place the foot on a piece of cardstock and draw up lines as shown here with a pen. Draw a line from each outer line as a half moon crossing underneath the foot base. Then cut out the shape, add glue on (glue from hot gun recommended) and mount the paper piece on the foot. Use a scissor to cut of hair on the ends of each strip, so you can make them look like thin nails.

Step 6:

Above; Load the foot with multi-medium glue. Let it dry, use heating gun if you wish. Then do it again with another layer and let it dry. Make sure you rub it all in properly.

Step 7:
Above: When Multi-medium is dry, paint the whole foot with orange acrylic paint and let it dry. Then use a light brown/beige Chalk Edger (suggested colors listed in products you need) to add soft touched over the whole feet for lightened areas. At last, use a dark brown Chalk Edger to color the nails brown.

These feet will still be bendable after they are made, so you can bend them after desire when adding them to your project.

- After emptying your eggs, choose the part of the egg that shall point down. Use the hole you used to empty whats inside, and push your hot glue gun to the hole and press in some hot glue. This hot glue will work as a kind of weight to keep your light weighted egg in the right direction when they get legs etc on.
- Use your brush to add 2-3 layers of multi-medium glue on the whole eggs. This will strengthen the eggs a whole lot, and make it easier for you to work on them without destroying them. Even when you will make holes to them for legs etc. 
- Add a layer or two of white acrylic paint or Gesso over the multi-medium for a natural white look.

When your legs and eggs are ready, you can decide where to have the legs, and make holes in the egs using a sharp knife tip or something similar. Easily break up the holes as large as you need them. Then use hot glue gun, add glue to the holes and set in the legs. after gluing the legs in to the holes you can shape the legs as you desire.

Idea: I didn't have yellow feathers available this time, so I had to use the white ones I had and color them yellow. The Chalk Edgers are perfect also for this kind of use! The ink in the Chalk Edgers are very dry and not sticky or anything, they dries up quickly and color the feathers very natural without leaving a painted and sticky look. 

Above: Here I use the Chalk Edgers "Coltfoots Petals" to coloring the white feathers Easter chicken yellow. It leaves a perfect and natural result! 

INSTAGRAM! As you maybe can see on image above, I am on Instagram! This image and lots of others were shared on Instagram earlier. I often post images in there earlier then in this blog, and also pictures that never will be shared any other places. So please make sure you drop in and follow me there if you wish to see it all! I'm in there as Ingvild Bolme ;O) - hope to see you there!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe will give this tutorial a try soon. Please give me a wink if you do, I would love to see your result!

Good luck, and a HAPPY EASTER to you all! 

*hugs and smiles*


Romy said...

Aw, they look so cute!
Happy Easter!

Evgenia said...

Sooo fun and cute!! :)
Happy Easter, Ingvild! :)

toi9 said...

Ha ei fin påske :)

pattyo said...

These are so adorable! Happy Easter!

[iNdY] said...

So beautiful!! Very cool!

Evgenia Petzer said...

as always- very creative and super cute!

Irene said...

:)Så herlige!
Jeg laget noen i en annen stil. Så disse må jeg prøve få til neste år.

Darla Walden said...

How cute is this. Love it.

Darla Walden said...

How cute is this. Love it.

Bren said...

So so cute!

Helle said...



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