Friday, April 19, 2013

Steampunk Troll

Hi all my dear visitors.

Do you remember the fun trolls with the bright colored hair? Many of us had them as toys 20-30 years ago, and now these days you often get them as small prizes at doctors etc. And maybe you too may have some of them storage away in a box in your attic or something, collecting dust, and don't know what to do with them? Well, at least that is what I had...

For a year or so back I found one in our attic, and I brought it down so my daughter could play with it. But she never actually used it, and one day she said she could throw it away. And I was just about to do so, when I figured "well, why not put it in my studio and see if I can make something of it one day". And so I did. I knew I wouldn't need it as original, way too bright in colors etc to put in our home as decoration ( I honestly don't play with dolls anymore ;) ), so I had to do something with it if I should keep it.
Well, some weeks back I finally grabbed the troll and jumped on the project. And here today I wish to share with you all the result of it. Hope you will enjoy the post.

Above: These are the Trolls as they look as originals, but comes in many colors, moods, themes, sizes and so on. They are often made in Denmark by DAM, especially very popular in the 1980's. My troll had a bit different face etc, but pretty close looking as these ones.

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Above: An image where the troll is in progress, shared on Instagram some weeks ago. 

The very first thing I did with the troll was to cut off half of the top of his head (from above the eye and up). I had an idea to try out, so I only left the hair on on the other half part.

The troll had really bright pink hair, so the first thought was that I had to do something with that. I first tried to add loads of white acrylic paint to the hair, but the pink color soak right into the paint right away. I then shaped the hair as I wished it to look and let the first paint dry. Then I covered the whole hair with a covering coat of Multi Medium, before new layers of white acrylic paint. The Multi Medium makes sure the hair color won't soak into the paint. 

The body of the troll was also too orange for me, looked to unreal. I wished a more natural colored and neutral looking finish, so I added a coat of Multi Medium on the whole body, before starting to paint it with layers of acrylic paint in wished colors and effects.

When I finally had the colors I wished for on body and hair, I started to add metals and other fun details. Here are how the whole troll looks like in the end:

Steampunky Troll
Above: "Hi. I'm Steampunky Troll, and my mum just pimped me up a bit. This is how I look when I wear my special made glasses."

Above: "When I take off my glasses I look like this. I now have a more soft colored skin, and instead of textile clothes my mum made me typo pants using transfer techniques. And how do you like my tie? Cool, right?! The tie is a metal Junkyard Findings "Typo Zippers"."

Above: The Junkyard Findings "Typo Zippers" used as a tie on the troll. Fun metal embellishment available at

Above: "My mum gave me pretty cool hair, trendy now in these SteamPUNK fashion days."

Above: "The glasses I'm wearing are made of different metal scraps from my mums studio. The main parts are made of two metal label holders, and on each side she used Junkyard Findings "Clock Hands" so I can lean the glasses on me ears. And in front she used antique brass "Clock Parts" from the new Tiny Junkyard Findings. 
And, of course, in the right ear I've got an ear ring from Tiny Junkyard Findings "Special Screws".

Above: The Tiny Junkyard Findings "Clock Parts" used on the handmade glasses.

Above: The Tiny Junkyard Findings "Special Screws", where you will find the "ear ring" used on the troll.

Above: "Ain't I'm cute? Well, my mum said so, so she chose the "Junkyard Findings "Small Typo Bulbs" with the the word "cute" on for all my bright ideas! Usually these bulbs are half with an flat backside, but mum glued two together so I got an whole bulb (Lucky me!). As you can see, there is a lot going on in my head, things are spinning around and I get ideas all the time. Thanks to mum who added all the Junkyard Findings "Gears" to my head, I'm actually very smart! ;O) "

Above: "I also work as an DJ, so I needed a mic. Mum took some parts from an old bell alarm clock. On the clock there was the hammer that hit the bells, and she used the arm and the hammer to give me the mic I wanted. Of course the arm goes behind my ear and naturally into my very active brain which is full of gears and stuff, so I am always "connected" and online. On top of the mic she added a Tiny Junkyard Findings "Nail Heads", which made it look like a real mic."

Above: The Tiny Junkyard Findings "Nail Heads", the products pack where you will find the nail head used on the mic made for the troll.

Above: "Beside all the gears and the bulb in my head, I also have a clock from the "Junkyard Findings "Clock Faces" and "Clock Hands". I have ADHD, so I am constantly busy and full of thoughts. So my mum figured the clock would help me pay attention to time, a really helpful tool!
On this image you can also see how my mum glued two bulbs together to make it as one whole bulb".

Above: The Junkyard Findings "Small Typo Bulbs" used to give the troll bright ideas ;O)

Above: "Well, as said I have ADHD, so sometimes I "take off" a bit. So mum thought some wings would be an good idea... She made them by using some Shabby Chic Resin Treasures "Angel Wings". Each wing are two wings glued together (backside to backside) to get the perfect 3D and wide enough base to fasten to my back."

Above: "Well, all trolls should have a tail, and I didn't have one... Before my nice mum found this cool metal key on the back of an vintage bell alarm clock!"

I hope you liked my share today. Maybe you have a troll or two at home too and this gave you some ideas? Well, if you ever make a family member to Steampunky Troll, please leave me a note/link, would LOVE to see it!!!

As a last little note... I have ADHD, which I have chosen to be open about. Sometimes it cause problems in my life, not always easy to live with. But I try to focus on the positive sides of it, as I can for example probably thank my ADHD to be a creative person. Beside being open about this, I have also chosen to dare to joke about it, and to try to learn more about ADHD, about myself and how it is to live as a person with ADHD. 
In fact; the idea for this troll is based on how I may feel sometimes. How my head is spinning around, uncontrolled, and full of ideas. It leaves me sleepless way more often then I wish to, and sometimes I wish I just had an "off" button so I could let my head rest a bit. Because, when most people may feel that there is one gear spinning around in their head, I feel that I have hundreds, going way too fast, and almost popping out of my head.. lol ;) 
Unfortunately I "take off" way too often, with words or actions, more then I can control or wish for, and I don't have the wings I gave my troll for a smoother landing... ;) lol - but I always have to keep practice on that!
To joke about my troll and ADHD was not to make fun of ADHD or those who has it, but to dare to be open about it, and a wish for a bit more focus on ADHD and how it is to live with it. 
Unfortunately many with ADHD are easily getting judged instead of met with a bit understandings. Even though most people knows more about ADHD now then for "10 years" ago, we still have much further to go. Especially young people with ADHD will be able to live a better life, get educations and jobs etc, if they are met with understandings instead of judgment. Because judgement just makes it all so much harder for them and stress them up in attempt to try to be as everyone expect them to be when they are not able to, and then they make even more faults because they feel so judged and in a very pressed situation. 
One thing that is important to know, is that if you have met one person with ADHD, you have only met one version of it. And there are just as many versions of ADHD as there are personalities who has it. And there are so many out there who has ADHD, and many of them don't even knows it themselves yet. I was almost 30 years before I got my diagnose, and school and everything had then already been a nightmare for me.
My troll is as a creative therapy, a try to explain a bit how it may feel to have ADHD trough 3D art. If that makes sense.  Thank you for reading this, appreciate it.

Thank you so much for dropping by, wish you all a wonderful and creative weekend!
Take care!

*husg and smiles*


Miss NiceRoad said...

awe-some!!!! Your creativity has no limits, I love it!

Thelma Findlay said...

My God Invild - you are a goddess! But I knew that when I met you in Chicago. This is amazing and I must try it! Now to scrounge junk-yard sales to find me a wee troll. I think barbie should be steampunked too! With a tutu on!

Matilde said...

You have amazing ideas!!!

Виктория Петренко said...

omg that`s adorable!

Romy said...

Wow, such a genious idea! This troll looks so much better than the purple and yellow coloured ones :) I love it!

Helen Tilbury said...

Oh my word this is the most adorable and ingenious thing I've ever seen!!!!! Your text with it was so funny too!!! Sheer creative genius...

Inessgold said...

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!! Super!!!

Gerry van Gent said...

Sweetie, this is absolutely amazing and I LOVE, LOVE it!!!!! So innovative, creative and adorably cute!
Thanks for sharing :-)
Have a great weekend, too!
Hugs ~gerry~

Vibekke`s blog said...

So creative you are! remember well the trolls,collected them when I was a child;)
Stylish created. I love it :)

pattyo said...

Your troll is fantastic! I love it! You are amazingly creative. I wish I still had my troll from childhood. Thanks for sharing your honesty and feelings about ADHD--it affects many more people than are diagnosed.

LISA said...

First off, your troll is amazing!! I must go look for my dear old trolls now. Second, you are brave for sharing with us such an intimate part of your life. All I can say is that you use your ADHD to your advantage. There are many out there who do not have a creative outlet, and suffer with the effects. You on the other hand are not bound by ADHD...You are given wings to fly with your creativity. You choose to use it to your advantage. I know you must have days that you wish for some peace of mind, and would like to give your mind a rest. As long as it stays creative, go with it. You are an amazing artist, and I have no doubt that one day, you will find peace of mind. Even if for a while.

Keren Tamir said...

This is just so unbelievable amazing. You are so creative and original!! Thank you for sharing the project and sharing part of your life.
I have sent you a personal email too!
Wishing you all the best

Dianne H said...

I love your troll - amazing and certainly, in my opinion, looks stunning compared to before your wonderful creative skills worked on it. Thanks so much for sharing your ADHD troll and ADHD challenges.
Therapeutic creating. Keep up those outstanding creations. You are top of my list.

Evgenia said...

He looks scary... Brrr.

Anne said...

Wow, knalltøft! :D

Anne said...

Wow, knalltøft! :D

Tamara said...

omg what a great troll you made. I love him so much with all of his ADHD. Ingvild you gave me new inspiration to make something nice from old toys.

Theresa said...

Absolutely love this. Made me laugh out loud. thanks as always for sharing.

tippytaco2004 said...

3wonderful 3 d artwork plus old toy brought back. thank you for sharing her and your adhd i'm bi polar and i have some of your thoughts about people not understanding us, great work on both

tippytaco2004 said...

thank you for sharing your adhd your troll is amazing in so many ways again thanks for sharing all.

lifeofdeb said...

super cool steampunk troll. Now I am going to have to be on the lookout for some trolls to alter. I love it.

butterfly said...

Genius... and a huge improvement on the originals!!
Alison x

Rosie Schirrmeister said...

This is amazing, love it

Linn said...

Ohh woow that is the most awsome troll I have ever seen. Ohh and the cute tail awww, love it! I love that you share your story. I know several with ADHD and yes they are not the same. But one thing I have seen they all have... is greatness in them♥ Schools in Norway are getting better on working with the kids with ADHD and not judging.. but it still is a bit of a way to go. But when we know better, we do better, right?

I loved by the way that you put glasses on your troll, his eyes are soo darn cute.

Amazing work as always Ingvild :)

BattyCrafter said...

Utterly genius, I love it! Absolutely THE best single troll I've ever seen xx

kksb said...

Incredible creation! I guess you should bring back the troll.

Miranda Edney said...

Ingvild you know I love this so much! just amazing!

DeNetra said...

This is amazing. I am pretty 100S% positive that you are the first person to ever alter a troll doll. I have not seen these things in years. I love reading your post. As it's nice to know a little bit about the people that design the products we love and use. God gives us things...good and bad...and neutral and we live them and make them work for us. He knows what he's doing ;)

Manda_K said...

LOVE this to bits!!! Fabulous idea for re-purposing toys to art!!

Nicolle Kramer said...

OMG! This is frikken awesome! Love it!!

misty said...

So cool! I've never been diagnosed with adhd (of course, I never go to the doctor either! lol), but that is exactly how I feel like my mind is always effects my conversations with people too because I will jump from one thing to the next and only a select few can follow along! lol

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