Monday, June 10, 2013

A Chalk Edgers Week giveaway winner and two great shares

Welcome back everyone for our last day of the Chalk Edgers Week.

Today we will announce the winner of our GIVEAWAY, and share more great inspiration with you all from two amazing talents!

First of all, lets let you know who the winner of our GIVEAWAY is ;O)

..... thadam.....


GITTE left this comment in the giveaway thread at June 8, 2013 at 5:27 PM:

Thank you for a great week of inspiration. I've shared your giveaway on my blog.
I looove your inks, they work so good on clear stamps that I have discharged all my colorbox inks. My favorite color is Attic dust, but I've just bought 6 new colors today so perhaps i'll have a new favorite in a short time. I'd love a spot on Celines summer camp, she is so talented and i know that she will be able to push my creative boundaries.

Congratulations Gitte! ;O)

This is what you have won:
- A complete set of Chalk Edgers, all 48 colors! (including pastels)
- 4 packs of Junkyard Findings embellishments
- 1 pack of Tiny Junkyard Findings embellishments
- 3 packs of Shabby Chic Resin Treasures
- A spot at Celine Navarro's great Summer Camp!

To view all the giveaway details, please click here.

Please make sure you visit the lucky winner Gitte's blog here and maybe leave her a little congratulation ;O)

Gitte; please email me at with your postal address to claim your prize ;O
- Hope you will enjoy it all!

Now let's move over to more wonderful Chalk Edgers Week inspiration. First up is the talented DT member Florence Teixeira aka Floliescrap! She is so kind and share with us an great image tutorial on some amazing projects. Please see below and get inspired.

Small Books by Florence Teixeira aka Floliescrap
Above: Flo made three amazing vintage/steampunk books filled with cool metal embellish from Junkyard Findings and other great products! Flo used Chalk Edgers for several techniques when making these cute books. Please see below for more details and steps.

Above: The first book from the left on the top image. Look at the awesome embellish cluster with a mix of steampunk and grunge pieces, beautiful flowers and different textures.

Above: Amazing texture details on the book cover, as you here can clearly see on the site of the book. Chipboard, bulb, metal gear and plate, cork swirl and paper flowers are together making an very interesting look on top of the textiles.

Above: The third book has a cool and more simple looking design, where Flo so cleverly used some Shabby Chic Resin Treasures "Wings" with a key as center/body, and a metal gear on top! Great designed!

Now, please have a look at these images for great Chalk Edgers inspiration:

Step 1.
1. Decide size on your book and cut a piece of paper "shaped" approximately as shown here.
2. Find a mask with a pattern you wish to add to the book cover
3. Place mask over paper piece and add a coat of paint over the mask. (Color after your wish)
I used silver paint which I added "Attic Dust" Chalk Edger on, and gold paint which I added "Rusty Bucket" Chalk Edger on.
4. Then find a Chalk Edger in a color you wish to add to your project. Here "Attic Dust" are chosen for a rustic and vintage shabby look.

Step 2.
1. As soon as the paint is dry, you can use the Chalk Edger to randomly add chalk ink fluid on to the paper piece. You can add ink all over if you want to, it works on paper edges, flat paper areas and on top of paint or other mediums. 
Tip; You can on most types and brands of paint use a heat gun to let the paint dry quicker. Even though the Chalk Edgers dries very quick, you can also use a heat gun on the chalk ink fluid to let it dry even quicker. This may also work to "heat set" the ink to metal.

Step 3.
Above: Here you can see that I add Rusty Bucket colored Chalk Edger ink on top of the golden paint texture, which truly gives an natural vintage look. This is so easy to do and gives an amazing finish!

Step 4.
1.  Now cut two square pieces of cardboard to fit inside of the cover/paper piece you just worked on. As you can see on the next image; make sure you leave an space between each piece to be the back of the book. The width of this space will be the thickness of the book.

Step 5.
1. Then add ink to all the edges of each square paper piece. I used the color Branch Bark on my pieces.
2. Now place the two squares on to the inside of the book cover as shown on this image. You can glue them down, or you can also stitch around the edges as I did here. 

Step 6.
1. Now fold the book cover where the two center edges are to shape it as a book cover. 

Step 7.
1. If you wish to cover the inside cardboard pieces, you can cut pieces of paper in same size and add on top, then ink the edges all around. 

Step 8.
1. For the inside pages; cut paper pieces to fit inside to the book cover. All the way from left to right side, but with an little merge all around to be sure the pages won't stick outside of the book cover.
2. Then fold each paper on the center.
3. Cut a paper piece to fit the inside center/back of the book cover. Then attach each folded paper page part to the paper piece. I've used a sewing machine to stitch them on. Makes sure they stays on, and gives it an vintage looking effect. - stitch on top of the pages, in the center, to attach them to the paper piece on the back.

Step 9.
Above: Now, this is approximately how your book should look like now. As you can see here, I also inked all the edges of the inside pages. 

Step 10.
Above: Now the book is ready to be altered as you desire with adding different embellishments!
Of course, I recommend the Ingvild Bolme - Prima embellishments for an outstanding creation!

Step 11.
Above: Here are all my three books, all finished and embellished. But for the final touches I used Chalk Edgers to add touches of ink randomly on to the embellishments too!

Step 12.
Above: Here I'm adding ink to the embellishments with an Chalk Edger for personal touches and a more shabby and vintage worn look.

It is now up to you to try these techniques; enjoy! ;O)


Chalk Edgers are now available across the world in total 48 colors! 

For retail orders, please contact Prima here  

- Please also make sure you check out all other Ingvild Bolme line products by Prima here.

Are you ready for the final Chalk Edgers Week share?

Please welcome back Celine Navarro, our Special Guest this week, who are sharing a great Two Peas video tutorial on how to make this beautiful double sided layout:

Above: A wonderful designed double sided layout by Celine Navarro. Look at this professional and delicate design and the amazing uses of colors!

Please have a look at this great video tutorial by Celine on how to make this layout, where she also are using the Chalk Edgers for several techniques;

You can visit Celine's blog here to see more of her great works and lots of inspiration.

A HUGE thanks to all who have been a part of this Chalk Edgers Week. Thank you to all of you who have followed us this week, thank you to the amazing and wonderful Ingvild Bolme DT - this week had never been possible without you girls!!! You are all so amazing!
And a special thanks to the special guest Celine Navarro, both for joining us as a guest and sharing her talent with us all, and for being one of the sponsors for our great giveaway. - Thank you all!

Hope you all had a great week and got inspired, and wish you all welcome back again soon.

*hugs and smiles*


DeNetra said...

congrats to the winner !! and Your books are the prettiest little things I have ever seen. Makes me want to make something miniature !! Thanks for sharing the video tut. at the end. I just love your blog posts they are always so full !!

Rebecca " The miss Haven " said...

Congratz to the Lucky winner :) Wooohoo!!! Yay,yay :)
Wonderful tutorial :)
Huggzies Rebecca

butterfly said...

Congrats to Gitte - and thank you for more amazing inspiration... those little books are just wonderful!
Alison x

Marley said...

Congrats to the lucky winner.. gorgeous projects!

pattyo said...

Such pretty little treasures! Congrats to Gitte.

Ксения (Ксюнделёчек) said...

Какая красота, Ingvild!!!!!!!!!!!!! Вы волшебница!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ewa M said...

Gorgeous projects !

Vicky Alberto said...

wonderful tutorials!

steffi said...

Congratulations Gitte - lucky lady :)

These books are lovely - thanks for sharing these techniques over the week - I've really enjoyed them & I'm inspired to buy some of these chalk inks!!
Stefanie :)

steffi said...

Congratulations Gitte - lucky lady :)

These books are lovely - thanks for sharing these techniques over the week - I've really enjoyed them & I'm inspired to buy some of these chalk inks!!
Stefanie :)

Gitte said...

Woohooo I'm so thrilled and can't wait to play with all the inks. THANK YOU so much :o)

Aress said...

Congratulations Gitte! I absolutely love your little books, they are just wonderful! I would really like to feature some of your work on my blog one day soon.

I would love to get my hands on the Chalk Edgers (as I didn't win.. boo hoo.. but that's okay cuz I can see Gette's going to do wonderful things with them). Does anyone know where I could order them? I've been looking everywhere.