Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Welcome back to our Chalk Edgers week!

Earlier I promised an tutorial for the layout background I made on the LO I shared in my last post, and now I'm back to share it with all of you. But first up just a bit more about this exciting Chalk Edgers week!

This is a week filled with inspirational works, great tutorials and giveaways! This whole week we will post stuff I am sure you won't miss out on. And on Friday we have a very Special Guest up and a great giveaway! Here is a little peak of the giveaway, but we will throw more in during the week! ;O)

Yes, you can win a complete set of all 48 colors of Chalk Edgers!!!

And even more that we will share during this week, so please make sure to don't miss a day of this fun Chalk Edgers week! ;)

Chalk Edgers video - The Introduction

Are these Chalk Edgers new to you and you wish to learn a bit more about them, or do you wish to get some new ideas of basic ways to use them? Then please take a look at this video where we introduce the Chalk Edgers to you:

Here is the complete color map for all 48 available colors:


Now let's move over to the image tutorial I promised you.

Tutorial on how to use Chalk Edgers with masking techniques and other mediums.

This is an short tutorial that shows a sample on how to use the Chalk Edgers together with other mediums and Prima masks to create your own background design for layouts, as for example the background used on this layout:

Always Remember The Happy Moments
Above: On this layout with a picture of my daughter and her close friend and cousin I used some fun background techniques which I share in the image tutorial below, and added lots of different embellish on top as Shabby Chic Treasures (resins and metals), rub-ons, Prima flowers, die cuts and more.

This is what you need for this technique:
- A pattern paper
- Masks
- Chalk Edgers in colors that matches the chosen pattern paper + Black Coal
- Different stamps (you can randomly choose different patterns and texts)
- Acrylic block for your acrylic stamps
- Gesso or white acrylic quick drying paint
- A thin black pen
- A sponge to add the Gesso/paint
- A masking tape (optional but helpful)
- Wet wipes (always to recommend)
- Coloring spray medium in chosen color and brand, as for example Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.

Here are the steps:

Step 1.
Above: For this layout I used a Prima "Angelique" pattern paper with some soft patterned areas and some more bold patterned areas. The reason why I chose a pattern paper like this is that the design gives me something to work further on, but to personalize as I desire. 
- The baby blue background with the pink small flowers and the tiny text is all original from the pattern paper. So are the bold large red letters down in the right bottom corner and up on the left corner.
- So what I do is to look at the design and decide how I wish to work further on it, and which set-up I wish to have on my layout. Then I have an idea for what I will do and how to move on.
- The rest of the black you can see on here now are all different stamps stamped on pretty randomly looking, but still you can see it's stamped in a kind of system based on the bold red letters from the original paper. I mix and play pretty free with text stamps and pattern stamps, but I do plan in my head where to stamp to not make this design too disturbing. 
So down in the right you can see all black stamping goes horizontal with the red and in approximate the same area.  Up to left and in to center I stamped from the upper bold red letters "dripping" down in vertically direction and fading out to nothing, leaving airy spaces before the bottom design. 
I used Black Coal Chalk Edgers for the black stamping.

Step 2.
Above: Then I pick some Prima masks that I think works well to the design I'm working on. 
- I place the mask design in the same direction as the stamped pattern underneath. 
- Then I add small pieces of masking tape to keep the mask in position while working on it with mediums.
- With a piece of sponge I smoothly add Gesso (or white acrylic paint) from the edge of the paper and in to the mask to soften the pattern underneath in this area.

Step 3.
Above: As soon as the Gesso is dry, I move on to the next steps. I often use a heat gun to speed up the drying process.
- Then I use a thin black pen and draw quick and pretty random lines around the mask design.
NOTE: Here I only draw on the outside of the mask and the small inner details, not the backside line. Usually I draw these lines with having in mind to NOT make them look perfect or pretty, cause a random look often makes the perfect natural touches! And some lines I don't draw all out, just leaves the bottom ones clean.

Step 4.
Above: Here you can see how the background paper starts to "take shape". The same process as I did on the left side with the Gesso and mask, I've also done up in the right corner. 
- Now I move on and grab another Prima mask and place it down on the right side of the mask design I worked on last time.
- Pick a Chalk Edger in a color you desire (I here picked one with a contrast color to the soft ones and the red, and went for Turquoise Stone). I also mixed in the colors Teal Damask, Cold Ice and Worn Jeans for a more interesting color effect and different shades.
- Hold down the mask (use pieces of masking tape if you want to to keep in position) and randomly press over it with the Chalk Edger.
- When I'm done using the Chalk Edger here and the fluid is dry (you can use heat gun to heat set the fluid), I draw some black lines again around the mask design just as I did on step 3.

Step 5.
Above: Here I use different colors of Chalk Edgers to add details to match the rest of the paper design.
- To make sure the techniques and design I'm working on will blend in to the original design and colors, I choose a Chalk Edger that has similar color as some details on the background paper. Since there are 48 colors of Chalk Edgers available, and you can even blend those to make your own color mixes, there are great chances for you to find a color that will works to almost everything. 
Here I'm using Raspberry Pie to "pick up" the red letters on the pattern paper into my design.
- Just press down the Chalk Edger directly over the mask to add color into the little details.

Step 6.  - final step before embellishing.
Above: This is an image showing how the background paper looks like when I'm done with my techniques, ready to be embellished as desired! To get this result, please do these final steps;
- By using the steps as described above (1-5), I move on and create the design I wish for on to the rest of the paper. As you can see here I went on and created a "big spot" on the center of the paper by continuing using the same masking techniques, Chalk Edgers and the black thin pen.
- I also made a own spot down in the right corner over the bold pattern that was there originally.
- I've added Gesso around all details I created to "whitewash" and tone down the background paper. Making the background pattern softer makes sure my design pups up even more, and gives airy spaces around for eyes to rest on, which also makes it easier to add loads of embellish on top without feeling it's too much.
- As a final touch, I pick some coloring fluid sprays (for example Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist) in colors that matches other colors or areas I wish to draw more attention to. Like here I added some splashes of Peacock (blue) Tattered Angels Chalkboard and let it drip down a bit on the paper before it dries.

Now the background is ready to be embellished - GOOD LUCK!!!! 

And here is another very inspirational share from the talented DT member Stephanie Shutze aka Scrapmanufactur!

Mini Album by DT member Stephanie Shutze!
Above: By using several fun techniques Stephanie made a amazing mini album cover with a mixed media background that are incredibly beautiful and so unique! Together with pieces of paper she added a cute Shabby Chic Resin Treasures window from the "Miniature Windows" set,  - a perfect fit to all the cool squares!

Above: Look at the amazing mix of colors and texture on this mini album cover!

And do you wish to know how she makes this wonderful artsy pieces by using several mediums including Chalk Edgers? Well, then you have to make sure you drop by again during the summer when we will share a tutorial on this wonderful technique!

Well; now you are probably wondering what to do to be in the draw for the Chalk Edgers GIVEAWAY? Well, please be a bit more patience, because this Chalk Edgers week is far from over and we have so much more to share with you. And, the giveaway will even grow bigger, so please don't miss out the rest of the week! There will be shares  in here every day, and on Friday we will let you know what you have to do to get your "ticket" for the big final giveaway, so I hope to see you back often this week! 

Have a wonderful and inspirational week everyone. 

*hugs and smiles*
Ingvild ;O)


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Asphodel said...

Great tutorial, loved it! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work!

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