Monday, February 24, 2014

February Prima Blog Hop

Welcome in for our monthly Prima Blog Hop!

February is the month of Love, so that is our theme on our projects this time.

Hope you will enjoy our share today and we hope you will find some inspiration.
Please also make sure you click on each designers name to drop by their blogs for a visit to find out more about their projects plus a lot more of their great art.

"My Sweet Valentine" card by Georgia Heald
Above: Georgia made a unique card in mixed media style with elements of industrial and grunge designs by using assorted gears and metals, including the Junkyard Findings "Water Taps" where she added dripping paint underneath; a wonderful idea!

"With Love" layout by Maiko Miwa
Above; Maiko made a wonderful and sweet layout with her daughter in delicate withe with pinks from the sweet hearts and background splashes. She made a lovely design filled with hearts everywhere, as the large pink falling hearts, the Junkyard Findings "Rusty Typo Zipper" with a heart charm, small dripping hearts on the background, Shabby Chic Treasures resin heart from "Rose Heart" and even a heart in the title from the Junkyard Findings "Heart Gears".

"Vintage Love" layout by Victoria Klabukova
Above: Victoria always create delicate mixed media pieces and a shabby chic style, as this wonderful layout featuring the romantic photo of herself with her dearest. Even though there are "millions" of effects on the background, it still doesn't look overloaded, but filled with lots of interesting details. She added a Shabby Chic Treasures resin "Birdbath" with birds and drew black lines around to highlight it; great idea!

"Eternal Love" project by Florence Texeira
Above; Many of us we dream about the romantic country France (where Florence comes from) and the "love capital" Paris, where you also can find this great Eiffel Tower which Florence used as a main design on this amazing 3D project! The tower is surrounded by beautiful Prima flowers and a romantic cherub from Shabby Chic Treasures. And just look at the fun details added to the tower as the clock face and zipper on front (Junkyard Findings) and the large butterfly wings on the back! 

"You and Me" layout by Emma Trout
Above: Emma has such a unique style and always creates stunning layouts with a huge mix of different elements and materials and always makes it all work so well together. This layout no exception; lots of details that you can't look enough at! In this well designed layout with a beautiful set-up, you will find lots of new and previous products from the Ingvild Bolme line as the resin butterflies, key and key hole, door sign, tassel, heart gear, resin photo frame and screw heads.

"Love Canvas" by Miranda Edney
Above: Miranda Edney is an artist that do fun projects with loads of clever and new ways to use different products, that many of us never would had thought of. This canvas with a mix of romantic and steampunk style, is no exception; just look at all these fun and creative solutions added!

Above; Stephanie comes from Germany but lives in Switzerland, and "liebe" is the German word for "dear". This beautiful card is folded as a door to be opened with a lock on the font; amazing look! And how clever isn't it to use that "chicken couple" from an Easter resin (Shabby Chic Treasures) set as a symbol of love, and adding a cord shaped as a heart balloon above!!! Amazing idea!!!

Above: Here you can take a look of the stunning details inside of Stephanie's card, three spots of lots of layers! Looking so organized by first look, but still so interesting with all those different patterns and materials used in those layers, including a thin cord randomly added around.

"Love Frame Card" by Steph Devlin
Above: Steph Devlin creates in such a stunning sweet style, often adding sweet pinks and romantic details. This time she used the new "Shabby Chic Treasures" resin frames "Baroque Frame" in layers with die cut paper and flowers, topped with a metal "Door Signs" from Shabby Chic Treasures. Note that she also used a Eiffel Tower on the front of her project, a very typical symbol for a romantic place, and added a new tassel below with a heart on.

"Love Canvas" by Evgenia Petzer
Above: Evgenia created a stunning little canvas with a beautiful mix of colors as different pinks, browns and bright yellow and green. All the colors makes the wight elements pop up, as the beautiful white gate and the Shabby Chic Treasures resin "Sparrows" and "Bird House". Again; a designed filled with details and loads of inspiration!

"You and Me" canvas by Olga Heldwein
Above: Olga is known for her amazing mixed media style, often using a great mix of mediums and colors, topped with fun industrial and steampunk metal elements. Her talent brings us just stunning pieces of art to look at. Here Olga added "Heart Gears" which is original antique white, but just turned them around to get the metal colored surface up to match her chosen style better; clever idea! She also added a new resin "Circle Frames", "Door Signs" and "Office Metals" parts.

Love card by Ingvild Bolme
Above; This time Ingvild also managed to make a card for this Prima feature, and did a card in her favorite colors and style, mixing romantic with steampunk. She added a huge flower cluster with beautiful Prima flowers, and "dripping" "Clock Parts" with mixed media drops below. In the center she used "Clock Gears" topped with a new metal "Door Signs". She also used new Sizzix dies from the Tim Holtz collection!

All Ingvild Bolme line products featured is available at Prima for retail order here

All NEW Ingvild Bolme line products can be viewed here, and previous releases can be viewed here.

Thank you so much everyone for your visit, hope to see you all back again soon.


Alina said...

wooow! Such beautiful projects! I am amazed by all the stuff the DT has created! Soo beautiful!

Ruth L said...

Very inspirational, loved the DTs projects!

butterfly said...

Astounding inspiration all round... wow!
Alison x

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