Friday, April 4, 2014

Cards by Evgenia and Stephanie

Good Friday everyone.
Today we are going to share two wonderful cards by DT member Stephanie Schütze and Evgenia Petzer.
Hope you will enjoy our share.

Card by Stephanie Schütze
Above: Stephanie made a great card with a fun design by creating a look where the "Rusty Typo Zipper" pulls down the paper and lots of embellish just pops out from there. She used metals from Junkyard Findings as the "Clock Hands", "Clock Faces" and "Clock Gears".

Below: Details on the card.
Clock Gears used on this card.

"Just You and Me" card by Evgenia Petzer
Above: Evgenia made a shabby chic card with a resin mask and "Small Typo Bulbs" as some fun details with a little bit contrast to the soft and sweet design. She also included the small "Clock Gears" as Stephanie used on her card. These are so small that they fit perfectly on all kinds of projects, even on small cards and tags etc.

Below: Details on the card.

Please make sure to visit Evgenia's blog here and Stephanie's blog here for more inspiration.

Thank you so much for your visit, we appreciate your time to stop by.
We would also like to see you back already this weekend to see more shares from us.

Wish you a wonderful and creative weekend everyone!


misty said...

Beautiful work from both!

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Janine Vegter said...

looking great
thanks for the inspiration

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