You are in a situation where you need to file a claim for your tax payment plan. You may have received a notice from the IRS stating that you owe them money, and they are going to start garnishing your wages. This can be very stressful and confusing.

You should hire an attorney for California tax payment plan for many reasons. This article will discuss some of these reasons and how you can get legal help for your situation.

1. You Don’t Know What You Are Doing

Like most people, you probably don’t know how much you owe in taxes or how much interest you’ll need to pay. An experienced tax attorney will be able to help you figure out what you owe and make sure that your payment plan is structured properly so that it doesn’t end up costing more than necessary or putting your financial situation at risk of being jeopardized in any way whatsoever (because if there’s one thing we know about California taxes, it’s that they can cause serious problems).

2. You Want to Resolve Things Without Going to Court

Sometimes, you don’t need to go through a lengthy and expensive court process. However, if you have already received a notice from the government or corporation, it may be time to take action before things worsen.

3. You Will Be Able To Avoid Interest Charges

If you cannot pay off your debt in time, it will result in interest charges being added to the balance. This means that the due amount will increase, making it harder for you to pay off your current debts. One way around this problem is to hire an attorney specializing in bankruptcy law. This person will be able to help you avoid interest charges and keep your existing debts off the books until they are paid off completely.

4. You Lose Your Right To Appeal

If you use an installment agreement as your payment plan, there is no way for you to appeal if the IRS denies your application or asks for additional information. Once the IRS approves an application, they will tell you what date they expect payment to be made and how much they will accept as a settlement (usually 10 percent of gross income). Since the IRS doesn’t allow any appeals once they approve a request, this means that if they don’t approve it, then you can’t appeal them either!

5. You Will Be Able to File Your Case Within the Required Timeframe

The third reason you need a lawyer for the California tax payment plan is that you will be able to file your case within the required timeframe. If there is no attorney available, it will take more time for you to file your case and get it accepted by the court system. In such cases, it is better to hire an attorney so that he can complete all necessary formalities before filing your case against the government agency that owes you money.

Wrapping Up

If you have a California tax payment plan, you need to hire a lawyer. A reasonable attorney will save you from the long list of problems that can arise from a tax payment plan. This article has covered why you should hire an experienced tax lawyer for your application.