Cervical disc replacement is also known as total disc arthroplasty or more commonly the artificial disc replacement surgery where the procedure will replace the damaged or degenerated disc with titanium metal sheets that can stand the test of time. The overall procedure is quite simple the surgeon will make a small slit in the side of the patient’s neck while carefully removing any tissue that can be an obstruction along with the damaged disc and then replace with a titanium metal sheet that will act as the new disc, it will virtually be indestructible can last for a lifetime giving the patient a new chance in life. The road to recovery and therapy after the surgery will be 3 to 4 weeks and the patient must only do light physical activities.

Since most senior citizens have degraded disc on their spine due to age and some even have suffered a traumatic injury it is imperative that the patient must consult a doctor so that the degraded disc might be replaced and prevent any more spine-related illnesses in the future that might occur. The best way to keep the spine strong and healthy getting the spine checked normally with a doctor especially the senior citizen that will feel certain pains in his/her back due to age that could potentially bother their everyday living specially after doing some lifting in which could damage the spine if continued harshly in the long run. Other methods of taking care of the spine are by eating healthy foods, daily exercise, and moderate physical lifting activities.

A patient must seek spinal treatment if continuous and excessive pains can be felt in his/her back some of the symptoms may include numbness, weakening of the back, and cannot sit or stand up straight this could be a clear sign that there is something with the patient’s spine that if not treated well it will lead to a more serious injury such as osteoporosis, and paralysis which can become a big burden for the patient and to his/her family in the long run which it is important to get the spine disc to replace as soon as the doctor recommends it so that the older or degraded disc can no longer be damaged or be a burden to the patients everyday living. SInce there is an advancement when it comes to spinal surgery the patient can no longer feel any pain during the surgery and can recover as soon as possible.