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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Upcoming classes in Sweden this weekend!

Hi all my dear blog readers.

First of all I have to say I am sorry, sorry for being so silent and for being away long enough for this blog to completely dust down... Sorry for all this time without any posts at all. I just hope you are still here and that I will be so lucky and honored to see some of you back here now ;O) - I appreciate you all so much and hope you all had some great last months filled with lots of happiness, luck, love and of course loads and loads of creativity! ;O)

So, over to the great news I'm here to share with you all today! ;O)
This upcoming weekend I am off to wonderful Sweden to teach classes at Sweden Scrap Happening!  And best of all, there are still seats available! ;O)

It's an great event with total 5 classes "in the pack"! I am so honored to teach among amazing and talented teachers as Carolyn PeelerHelena PåhlsonÅsa Danielsson and Anna Lena Blomkvist, which will teach the other fun classes you can attend at Sweden Scrap Happening! 
Please jump in to Sweden Scrap Happening's own homepage here for more details as prices etc. 

Class Description:
I will teach a class where we will have fun creating a very detailed layout. We will distress, chalk ink, cut, draw for hand, paint with brush and paint with fingers, punch and much much more! Each student will get a kit fully loaded with beautiful Prima products, including two Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edgers. And each student will of course also have available (to borrow) for the class a tool kit from my Comfort-Craft tools to play with during the class! 

What you need for my class:
- Fast drying liquid glue
- 3D glue pads
- Paper trimmer (with a ruler, or just a ruler will do too)
- Scissor
- Thin black pen (approx. 0.2- 0.4) 
- Thick black pen (approx. 0.6 - 0.8)
- Pencil
- Thin/medium paint brush (approx 0.4 - 0.8 mm) And something to clean your brush with?
- Self healing mat
- Wet wipes
- Gesso or white medium as acrylic paint etc.
- Acrylic block for clear stamps (min. size 6x7 cm)
- Edge Punch (for example Melissa Frances lace edge punch or a scallop/hole punch). Bring a few different ones if you have.
- Please also bring two pictures in portrait format, which means standing up, with the long sides on the sides and the short sides on the top and bottom. Size: 5x7 cm. With white "frame" around that is 3-5 mm wide. If you print your own pictures, please just leave 3-5 mm of white unprinted photo paper left around the image when you cut it out. If you are unable to do this, please just use a piece of white cardstock behind the photo to create this white frame. I recommend the two pictures to be in serial, to be from the same time/happening/place or/and match together. Colors: If you wish the pictures you bring to fit to the layout in colors, the layout will have the colors as on sneak peeks in this post. Or, you can just bring black and white or sepia pictures too. If you bring pictures and pictures that are in size etc as recommended, it will be easier for you to finish up the layout in the class since we are working in layers and details, and the pictures is a part of this process. If you have any questions at all regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me on email. My email address you can find on the left up here in my blog ;O)

And here is another sneak peek of my class ;O)

I am really looking forward to this event and I hope to see many of you there!

Another thing I wish to share today is a picture of our new family member:

Please let me introduce you all to Minnie, a 4 months old little cute girl who joined our family 6 days ago. She is just so happy all the time and adds so much to the family. We all love her to death already, and can't wait to spend many years together with her. And of course, to scrap many layouts of her ;O)

Everything around her makes her happy, no matter what. Kids, dogs, cats... yeah, even rats makes her want to play (not catch)! And she loves the snow and of course also to jump into the sea.

And our daughter Iselina is so happy! Finally we got the dog she so wanted and have asked for every day the past 2-3 years, and all she does now is to walk around and glow and smile all day and to play with her new best friend.

I truly do get inspired of this extra little happiness in our life these days, and I can't wait to scrap some captured moments of this!

Hope to see you again soon, at the Sweden Scrap Happening this weekend, on Facebook, or back here again for more posts very soon! ;O) Thank you for dropping by everyone.

*hugs and smiles*

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Upcoming Prima Tour in Australia!

Hi all!

Sorry for all the dust in here, but I have been very busy working on several projects and lots of upcoming classes, including THIS UPCOMING AUSTRALIA TOUR IN NOVEMBER! :D 
I am so excited about this and can't wait to get on the plane and fly down to "Down Under" and meet all the great scrappers there! I have looked forward to this trip for a long time now, and finally the tour is very close. I will be in Australia for about 2 weeks and teach around in many places in Australia in those two weeks. And I really hope to see YOU there! ;O)

This is sneak peeks of the layout I will teach;
It is a detailed layout filled with several techniques and layers, and of course we will have fun using  and playing with the new tool line with Prima, Comfort-Craft Tools! ;O)

Every student who signs up for a seat on this tour will get to borrow a set of Comfort-Craft tools during the class which includes a craft knife and distressing tool.
(Due to weight issues and all the traveling on this tour, please bring your own self healing mat if you have, - thanks!)

Here are the places I will teach at in Australia:
(Please click on the logos to get to their webpages.)



Tuesday 1st November 11am - 2pm
Price: 150$

For more information, please contact Scraptivate on phone 9444 6626

made with memories

Tuesday 1st November from 6pm-9pm - CLASS IS FULL!

Tomorrow's Memories CLASS IS FULL!

Wednesday 2nd November 11 am. - 2 pm.

For more information, please contact Tomorrow's Memories on email or phone: (08) 9279 2183

Anna's Craft Cupboard

Wednesday 2nd November 6 - 10 pm. - CLASS IS FULL!

For more information, please contact Anna's Craft Cupboard on email or phone: 0407 855662

Event address: Heathcote, Duncraig Road, Applecross.


Paper Flourish

Friday 4th November 10 am.

For more information, please contact Paper Flourish on email or phone; 08 8305 0980

Store Address: Shop 18 Para Vista Shopping Centre, 300 Nelson Road Para Vista SA 5093

Seriously Scrapbooking

Friday 4th November 6.30 pm.

For more information, please contact Seriously Scrapbooking on phone; 08 8277 1298

Store Address: Shop 4, 501 Goodwood rd, Colonel Light Gardens, 5042 SA


Pages 2 Scrap

Saturday 5th November 10am - 1pm
Price; $ 150

For more information, please contact Pages 2 Scrap on email or phone: 1300 664 228

Stores Address: Unit 4/6 Morton Close, Tuggerah, NSW, 2259

Scrap A While

Saturday 5th November 4pm - 7pm
Price: $ 150 ($ 200 for the whole weekend)

For more information, please contact Scrap A While on email or phone; 02 6551 7776


Scrappy Hollow

Tuesday 8th November 6pm - 9pm.
Price: $150

For more information, please contact Scrappy Hollow on or phone: 03 9879 6220

Store address; Shop 1-3, 1-7 Maroondah Hwy, Croydon, Vic., 3136

The Imagination Factory

Tuesday 8th november 10am - 1pm
Price: $ 150

For more information, please contact The Imagination Factory on email or phone: 03 5331 6108

Store address: 402 Main Rd, Ballarat.


Scrappidoo Scrapbooking

Thursday 10th November 10am - 1pm

For more information, please contact Scrappidoo Scrapbooking on email or phone: 54915366

Store Address: 782 Nicklin Way, Currimundi Qld 4551

Arnold's Scrapbook & Craft Supplies

Thursday 10th November 6pm - 9pm
Price: $ 150

For more information, please contact Arnold's Scrapbook & Craft Supplies on email or phone 07 329 34390

Shop T4.02 The Zone, 743-763 Deception Bay Road, Rothwell Qld 4022

Hope to see many of you very soon! ;O)

*Hugs and smiles*

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some great days in Israel

Hi everyone. 
I am so sorry it has been a while since last time I posted in here, but September month is pretty busy with lots of traveling, so I have not been home much at all, and when I am, I feel that it is just to wash some clothes and to say "hi" to my family ;O) lol. 
This month started with a great trip to Sweden to teach at CountryScrap, then I had one weekend off before heading to beautiful Israel, which also what today's post is about. Then, last weekend I was in Belgium at Scraptastic, before I again already tomorrow will head to Tonsberg in Norway to teach a bunch of Norwegian girls at CASA event! But, those last events I have to blog about later, now first Israel before I have to start to pack before my plane leaves in 10 hours! ;O)
It was so nice to be invited to Israel by Alice at My Punch. Israel is for some reason a country I never thought I would ever visit, so it was extra nice to get this invitation and to go there and to see their beautiful country and to meet lots of sweet scrappers from there plus even some from Russia!
Israel is really beautiful, and very inspirational. They have the outer contrast in everything, especially religion, architecture, art, technology and so on. When looking at the buildings it is almost as looking at something like "back to the future", a fusion, a totally mix of very old buildings and new modern architecture. 
An old building with old and romantic window closers, with a modern skyscraper in the background.

A backyard with old apartments. Just look at the windows, the window closers, the clothes on a wire, and the washing machine standing outside with a cat cage on top of it. Loved to walk around and to find photographic motives as this!

The day after I arrived I headed out to the local antique market, bought some treasures, and took some pictures;
This market was so full of treasures you can't even believe it! I did buy a few things, but found many more. But unfortunately all the stores at the market closed before I managed to look around and to get back to buy what I found.

Yes, these stores was amazing, full of treasures for every scrapper and antique interest persons! ;O) If I had time, I could spend hours and hours in each store, for sure!

Some guys playing a game on the sidewalk in the old market.

This is a quick shot I took out of the window from a taxi when heading back to the hotel, it shows the area down at the sea, the outer part of Tel Aviv.

Now, Thursday morning, time for a class! Comfort-Craft Tools all lined up just waiting to be played with! ;O)

This is a bunch of sweet and talented ladies from the thursday layout class!

And here some fun and sweet ladies from the Friday class, where we created two projects!

They were all so sweet and wonderful, very talented ladies that it was an honor to meet and to have in my classes! I had some amazing days in Israel, and would had gone back there in a heart beat!

On Friday after the last class Alice took me out for dinner and to show me another part of the city, and this cute and probably homeless cat came up to us and begged for some food.

The cat sat beside us both for a while and was pretty relaxed and not afraid at all. And suddenly it couldn't resist the nice smell from the food anymore, so it "stole" Alice's lamb bone and ran away with it! Luckily Alice was done eating by that time... ;O)

It was a very beautiful area Alice showed me, and a great place to take more pictures. Just look at this cute little aqua colored house and the iron door, sign and bench! And again, don't miss the modern skyscraper in the background ;O)

A nice street with beautiful flowers hanging over... loved this area!

I had 4 amazing days down in Israel, and I am both proud and honored to have been there, for visiting their beautiful country and to meet such sweet scrappers!

Thank you Alice for inviting me, I really appreciate it and you and all of you who attended my classes gave me some memories I will never forget! Thank you every one of you!!! I sure hope I will see you girls again one day!

*Hugs and smiles*


Friday, September 9, 2011

Sharing a layout and some great moments from last weekend!

Hi all blog readers and friends!

Today I wish to share an layout I created months ago, plus some pics from last weekend in Sweden where I taught two workshops with a great bunch of fun and sweet ladies!

First the layout. "Do You Remember Your Kitty? We tried to save her but then she was gone..." I think the title says a lot about what this layout is about. It was a little cute kitty we tried to save from some neighbors who wanted to just put her down at the vet because they didn't want to pay what it had to cost to save her when she was sick. I just couldn't accept that, so I paid the bill and told the vet to do what they had to to save her, and then I brought her home to us, to her "new family". The kitty recovered, and my daughter totally felled in love with her. But then, on the 31st of October, on Halloween, she just never came back home again.. Only about a month after we saved her. Kind of a sad story for us, and we really miss her. So I created this layout about "the story" for my daughter;

I used lots of Prima products in a different way and style on this layout. I used light kraft cardstock as background and Prima masks in a negative way for the white branches on the background. I simply added on the masks where I wanted them, then draw a line around them with a thin black pen, and then added white paint pretty randomly inside of the drawn black lines.
The flower is self made from different Prima flowers and center, and the "Remember" title is hand cut out from an old Prima pattern paper. The picture frame is also made with a mask and the same technique as the branches, but this time I used different Distress Inks to color it.

Here is some close-ups;

The touches of steampunk; the details with tiny clock gears, clock face and colored Gesso is totally inspired by the amazing Finnabair, who I am so proud of having as a friend. She is so talented and I totally admire everything she do! Please make sure to check out here blog here!

Workshops in Sweden

Last weekend I was in Sweden to teach workshops in Uddevalla, an great event ran by CountryScrap. I met a lot of lovely ladies and had such a great time over there. It was just one hour flight, but it doesn't matter where in the world I teach when where I am is just like this! A beautiful place on the countryside of Sweden, ran by some lovely ladies from Countryscrap, and lots of fun ladies who attended the classes! Great food was served, with BBQ dinner on Saturday, and even the weather was great, just like a beautiful summer day! Could we ask for more? No, this weekend was just perfect! Such a great place and such great classes to teach!

Here are some images of the Saturday workshop, in the class room.

After the workshops we took some group pictures of course ;O)

Here some of of the ladies from the large workshop on Saturday, with their layouts.

And look how happy we all are! :D *lol* We took some fun jumping pics too! 

And this are some of the lovely ladies from the Sunday workshop which was a smaller workshop then the day before.

And of course, we had to do a "jump of joy" shot too! ;O)

I want to thank all of you who attended my workshops last week in Sweden, I had such a wonderful time there and loved to meet you all! And a special thanks to CountryScrap and all the sweet ladies who arranged this great event; thank you for inviting me and for such a great weekend!

Hope to see you all again soon!

And to all of you out there; Wish you all a wonderful weekend! ;O)

*hugs and smiles*

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The upcoming classes in September and October

Hi everyone.

Today I wish to share a post with information for the upcoming classes in September and October.
It is long lasting classes with rich kits, where each class will contains two projects/layouts!

First, where and when! ;O) Please find all information in sections below;

3rd and 4th Sept. @ CountryScrap in Sweden!

Some seats still available, be quick! 

Where: Stenshult ( Between Uddevalla and Trollhättan/Vänersborg

This is a Prima layout class with the same class both days, so you choose one of the dates.
On Saturday evening there is a Grill Scrap Treff (BBQ Scrap Crop)!

We will create two Prima layouts filled with layers, details and techniques in a style which I usually scrap. So you get total 2 rich layouts in the kit + extra products! 
When the classes starts, there will be some introductions of Comfort-Craft Tools and techniques, and these great tools will be available for each student during the class! (Please see own info about this and "to bring list" lower in this post.)

The crop room and store opens at 10:00. 
The class starts at 11.30. (Sunday 10:30) All ends around 17:00.(Sunday 16:00) 

Price: 875,- SEK for the class (you choose one day) - 1000,- SEK for one class including the BBQ Scrap Crop! Prices includes large Prima kits for 2 very detailed layouts + extra products, food for breakfast and lunch, plus BBQ food if you sign up for the BBQ Scrap Crop too.

You can find more information here.

Sign-ups or questions can be emailed to


Celebrating 4th anniversary of

15th and 16th Sept. @ My Punch in Israel! 

Only 6 seats available, so be quick!

It will take place at Metropolitan Hotel in Tel Aviv in sunny Israel!

There will be two different Prima classes on this event, one project class and one layout class, so you can enjoy two different classes. In the layout class we will create two rich layouts, and in the project class we will create one jorunal and one standing photo frame. Both classes filled with details and fun techniques! 
When the classes starts, there will be some introductions of Comfort-Craft Tools and techniques, and these great tools will be available for each student during the class! (Please see own info about this and "to bring list" lower in this post.)

Thursday Sept. 15. -  01:00 - 06:00 pm -  Layout class - only 3 seats available!

Friday Sept. 16. - 10:00 - 03:00 pm -  Project class - only 3 seats available!

Price for each class: $185 / €125  which includes a big kit filled with Prima products!

Sign-ups or questions can be emailed to: 


23rd and 25th Sept. @ Scraptastic in Belgium!

Sold out! Sorry, no seats available at this point.

Where: Hotel Het Godshuis in Sint-Laureins outside of Brussel. 
This is a great yearly event with 8 other amazing teachers from USA, Germany, France, The Netherlands, England and Belgium! To check out more info about this event, please visit their website here.

We will create two Prima layouts filled with layers, details and techniques in a style which I usually scrap. So you get total 2 rich layouts in the kit + extra products! 
When the classes starts, there will be some introductions of Comfort-Craft Tools and techniques, and these tools will be available for each student during the class! (Please see own info about this and "to bring list" lower in this post.)

All information about prices and schedules can be find here!

All requests can be emailed to


1st and 2nd Oct. @ CasaKreativ in Norway!
*The following information will be in Norwegian.*

Grunnet ekstra oppsatt kurs, så er det fortsatt plasser ledig, men vær rask! 
Betalingsfrist mandag 5. september!

Hvor: Presterød Ungdomsskole i Tolvsrød (ca. 5 minutter med bil fra Tønsberg sentrum)
Casa arrangerer to ganger i året et flott treff for scrappere fra hele landet, og dette er årets andre treff.
Dørene åpner Fredag 30. september kl. 17:00.
Overnatting er mulig på skolen der treffet finner sted.
Det blir CASAkits, Goodie Bags samt gevinster! :D

Det blir 3 Prima kurs med meg denne helgen, hvor alle kursene er de samme, men hvor man skal få lage 2 Prima layouter fulle av detaljer, lag og masse spennende teknikker! Hvert kurs inkluderer et stort kit (verdi over 600,-) med nok til 2 rike layouter + mer. 
Når hvert kurs starter blir det en demo og gjennomgang med Comfort-Craft tools og teknikker med disse, og verktøy fra samme kolleksjon blir tilgjengelig for hver kursdeltaker under kurset! (Vennligst se egen informasjon om dette samt liste over hva du trenger å ta med til kurset lengre nede i denne posten)

Lørdag 1. oktober - Kl: 10.00 - 15.00
Lørdag 1. oktober - Kl: 17:00 - ca.  22:00
Søndag 2. oktober - Kl: 10:00 - 15:00
Det er flere spennende kurs på dette treffet! For mer info om disse, vennligst se 

Treff hele helgen: 650,- (+ kursavgift)
Treff lørdag - søndag: 500,- (+ kursavgift)
Kun kurs: 550,- (Inkluderer et rikt Prima kit med en verdi på over 600!)

Du vil få faktura pr email for innbetaling ved påmelding.

For påmelding eller spørsmål, vennligst send email til 

(Dersom du ikke får snarlig svar på nevnte email, vennligst send meg email på ettersom det kun gjenstår kort tid igjen før betalingsfrist. Jeg blir forøvrig uten muligheter til å svare på henvendelser Fredag ettermiddag - Mandag ettermiddag på grunn av utenlandsreise/kurs.)


Here are some sneak peeks and product lists for the upcoming classes!

Here is the first layout for the layout classes

And this is the second layout in the layout class;

"To Bring List" for the Prima layout classes:

1.  Liquid glue
2.   Paper Trimmer
3.  Scissor
4.  Cord (approx. 1 m/ 38-40 inch long). Dark brown (or brown or black). The kind you use for necklaces etc is fine, or around the same thickness. We will use it to hand stitch large stitches with.
5.  A large needle with a hole large enough for the cord you bring. (These can usually be bought in craft and hobby stores where they sell knitting accessories etc.)
6.  Ranger Dabber “Snow Cap” (or acrylic white paint and a piece of foam)
7.  Dark brown and black thin pens, plus a white one if you have.
8.  Prima Chalk Edgers – “Dry Sand” , “Old Road” and “Dark Bark” (alternative Distress inks in soft/light brown, dark brown and black/soot + a foam).
9.  Black ink pad (for stamping)
10. Acrylic block (to mount acrylic stamp on).
11. Wet wipers
12. Photo (for layout 1). Recomandations and guidelines for choice of photo to bring:

-       Sepia or black and white (soft, not too dark)
-       A photo that suit for this title; “Remembering The Special Moments With You”. Can be of someone special, with someone special, a relationship, a family member etc. Your choice! ;O)
-       Size; Width: max 7,5 cm / 3 inches. Height:  max 9 cm / 3,5 inches. It may be smaller if you want to. This layout works well for a small photo, for example a passport photo if you wish, or a cut out of a person etc. Bring several photos if you wish and we can wee which one that works best.
13. Photo: Portrait format! (for layout 2) Recommended size; Max with; 9 cm / 3, 5 inches. Max height: 13,5 cm/  5 1/3 inches.
(If you wish to “frame” the photo as in one of the steps in the class, you should try to follow the recommended sizes as close as possible. Or, you can easily use a smaller photo and add on top of mat instead of framing it.)
Colors on layout (if you wish to bring a matching photo) light colors, with turquoise, red, light yellow, moss green, soft light blue etc (see sneak peeks above). Safe choice can be a black and white photo, light/soft shades, not too dark and black.
- Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, moss green or a natural green color, not too bright.

And this is sneak peeks of one of the projects in the project class, a journal!
And, the last class, a part of the project class, is a standing photo frame!

"To Bring List" for the Prima project (journal and photo frame) classes:

1. Liquid glue
2. Paper Trimmer
3. Scissor
4. Dark brown thin pen.
5. Prima Chalk Edgers – “Dry Sand” and “Dark Bark” (alternative Distress inks in soft/light brown, dark brown and black/soot + a foam).
6. Wet wipers
7.  Photo in portrait format. (please check back for size information soon!)


Comfort-Craft Tools in all the classes!

Each student who attend one of all my upcoming classes will be able to borrow one set of our BRAND NEW Prima Comfor-Craft Tools! This is one of my new lines, designed for hours of comfortable crafting, and each student who attend my upcoming classes will be some of the first ones to try out these tools! Each student will borrow one small self healing mat, one Distresser Tool, and one Craft Knife during the class. 
In the beginning of each class, there will be some demos on these tools showing some fun techniques we will use during the class! :O) I will bring some test samples of Chalk Edgers, but if you are able to bring your own (mentioned on the to bring list), please do so. Check with your local store or each event for the class for possibilities.


I am so excited about all these classes and can't wait to meet you all! :D - hope to see you there!

Hugs and smiles